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all of the countries that were in Beijing i guess,

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Q: What countries participated in 2004 Olympic swimming events?
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How many countries participated in Olympic Tae Kwon Do events in 2004 and 2008?

Sixty (60) countries participated in the taekwondo events at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and sixty-four (64) countries participated in the taekwondo events at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

What did the American women have to wear in the 1912 Olympic swimming events?

There were no American women competing in the 1912 Olympic swimming events

Which countries participated in the swimming events at the 2008 Olympics?

countries that qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics are Japan, America, China, Korea, Australia, Laos (:

Olympic events participated by Zimbabwe?

As of May 22, 2008, the 2008 Zimbabwe Olympic team has not yet been announced. At the 2004 Games, Zimbabwe competed in athletics, shooting, swimming, and tennis.

What Olympic events did Caribbean Athletes participate in the 2008 Olympic Games?

they participated in the running

What events are held at the olympic games?

Gymnastic and swimming.

What events make up the Olympic Heptathlon?


What are the aquatic events?

The International Olympic Committee defines aquatic events as swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, and water polo.

Ancient Olympic events?

these were the events which were held in ancient olympics such as swimming,shooting etc.

Is synchronised swimming olympic?

Yes, in the duet and team events.

What are the statistics used in Olympic swimming events?

speed (timing

How many countries competed in the 2004 Olympic swimming events at Athens?

the exact number i am not sure but bout 30-40 as many that qualified

How many olympic swimming events?

THERE ARE 32 SWIMMING OLYMPIC EVENTS!!!!! WAY TOOOO MANY Actually there are 34 at this years Olympics you forgot the Men's & Women's 10km Marathon

Why do Olympic rules allow only two competitors per country for individual swimming events?

Not about the best performance but to allow fairness to other countries.

What olympic events are taking place in July?

bikeing swimming tornad

In which Olympic sport are all events open to men and women?


In which events at the Olympic games do women only participate?

Synchronised swimming

What are the touch-pads that are used to time olympic swimming?

Most international competitive swimming events, particularly those hosted by FINA, the international swimming organization that oversees Olympic swimming, use Omega touch pads.

Why is Olympic swimming done alone?

It is not always, many events are relays with four swimmers. But most events for swimming are individual, as swimming is often described as a personal race against the clock.

How many Olympics have Indonesia participated in?

The country of Indonesia had participated in 14 Summer Olympic Games events. The first time it had participation was in the Olympic games of 1952, since then, they had only skipped the 1964 and 1980 games.

What are four events of the olympics?

There are many Olympic events, here are four:- Athletics, Rowing, Boxing, Swimming.

Which two olympic events invovle the competitors going backwards?

the two events are both in the water. they are the rowing events and the backstrke events in swimming.

When were women allowed to compete in swimming events at the Olympic games?

The first swimming events held for women at the Summer Olympic Games were held in 1912 - competitions in the 100 metre freestyle, and the 4x100 metre freestyle relay.

How many countries are in the swimming events at the Olympics?


List Olympic games contestants?

You need to be specific as to the events as the list of contestants would be very long. At this year's Summer Olympics in London - London 2012, there were 204 countries that participated and so you need to be precise as to the events where contestants are concerned.