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Are you nursing? If not, maybe your pregnant!

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Q: What could be wrong if your nipples have been sore for about a week and your period is a day late so far?
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Could you be pregnant if you were suppose to get your Depo shot 3 months ago but never got it and now you have tender nipples?

Yes it can be a sign of pregnancy, a approaching period or irritated nipples. If you have been having sex you could be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have been off of birth control for 4 months and still got your period but you have really sore nipples?

Hello. Because you got your period then you definitely are not pregnant hun. Sore nipples are PMS symptoms and do come with having a period unfortunately. Even if its unusual for you, its because of the period.

What could be wrong if my breasts have never been swollen before a period but now day 25 they're swollen and they hurt really bad especially the nipples?

Swollen, tender breasts can be the first sign of pregnancy. It was for me, but I just though it was a little worse than usual and I was getting my period lol.

When its been six weeks and your still on your period What is wrong?

This could be serious see a doctor

I have not had a period I have been off of the depo shot for 7 weeks and my nipples are sore do you think i could be pregnant?

Just the nipples being sore are not the only sign of pregnancy. If you have nausea and also camps then there is a better chance of saying that you are pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your periods due today and you have been constipated and peeing a lot more and your nipples are sore?

Yes - take a test if your period doesn't come

If my period came 5 days late and is very light and my nipples are still sore could i be pregnant?

You could be ovulating and that would mean your nipples would be tender that doesn't mean pregnancy it may mean your period is on the way. Sometimes stress or illness causes periods to be off track. Don't panic but if you are concerned go see your doctor. Yes, it is possible. What you thought was your period could have been implantation spotting. My suggestion would be to take a test.

I Have Been Feeling Really Sick To My Stomach And Sore Nipples for about a month But I Started My Period its really Light Though. Could I Be Pregnant?

yes you could just be spotting. go see ur doctor.

Could you still be pregnant if you started your period but you have been very tired and nauseous and your nipples have been very sore and sensitive?

Sometimes you may be sick of something else. you should go check with your doctor.

You have pain in your nipples and you are 40 years of age your husband has been fixed for 10 years what could be the cause?

I have pain in both nipples what could be the cause?

Could you be pregnant if you have never had sore nipples before and they have been really sore for four days and you do have unprotected sex with your husband?

The sore nipples are not half the indicator that "unprotected sex with husband" is. If you miss a period, wait a couple of weeks and take a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period at a regular date and then again five days later and have been experiencing symptoms of pregnancy such as sore nipples and fatigue and constipation?

Yes you could be especially if the periods weren't normal.

Why would you have stinging nipples 9 days before your period is due if you have been having protected sex and PMS for you is usually only 2 days before your period?

Hi there. Stinging nipples can me a PMS symptom, pregnancy symptom or even irritation to your nipples. Sometimes when your nipples usually become tender before your period doesn't always apply and you can have nipple tenderness 2 weeks before your period or even a week after your period. Its also common for the ends of your nipples to take on a whiteish tinge or colour before your period is due. This is down to progesterone build up before your period and is perfectly normal. I wouldn't worry about the sitnging nipples but pay attention to any nipple discharge or flaky skin. If this occurs put on some cream to soothe the irriation. If you've recently changed your washing product or soap this could cause the stinging to that area. Take care.

What does it mean if your nipples are burning or sore and you have 2 weeks before period?

This may just be a sign of your period coming. It could also just mean that your boobs are growing. I'm not really sure what else it could mean. It really just depends on what you've been doing.

Is it normal for girls nipples to have quite large openings in their nipples?

I definitely think you should see your doctor, it could just be REALLY dry skin which has caused your nipples to crack open and possibly be more sensitive. or it could be serious. How long has your nipples been like that?

What if your nipples have been sore for about 4 weeks now and one week ago you had a period which lasted about five days and still your nipples are sore and tender What does this mean?

it means u got some crazy nipples

When i squeeze my nipple clear liquid is coming out but I've been gettin my period could i still be pregnant?

Probably not. Getting your period is a pretty reliable sign that you are not pregnant. It's normal to secrete small amounts of fluid from you nipples. If it seems excessive, consult your doctor. Well my daughter is 11 and she has liquid coming out of her nipples what does that mean??

You are expecting your period in a week and your nipples have become darker and you have been nauseous for 3 days is this a sign of PMS or pregnancy?

This could be a sign of pms or pregnancy. The only way to be sure is take a test!

Could i be pregnant come off the pil a month ago have had sore nipples tiredness eating alot bloatness i hav not had a period since i come off but calculated that im 6days late any1 els been like this?

Yes you could be pregnant, but also the stress could be making your period late, best to get checked out .

If you have skipped your period for more than four months but you have not been sexually active?

you maybe need to see the docter because you could have something wrong with you. *_*

Why have your nipples been sore for two to three weeks and this is not a usual side effect of you going to get your period?

If you don't get your next period, take a pregnancy test

Are you pregnant if you started your period a week early and your nipples have been hurting for about 2 weeks now and you are very tired?

Maybe. Or your period could just be early. Pregnancy symptoms often resemble your premenstrual symptoms. I'm going through the same thing.

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due and you are on birth control but have been on several antibiotics?

It's very common for women to get sore breasts and nipples before their periods. Our hormones are constantly changing as our bodies ready itself for perimenopause (the start on menopause where periods can fluctuate and our estrogene most of the time is lowering, but in a few women it can be high.) I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are doing everything you can with protecting yourself during intercourse.

Could you be pregnant when you have missed your last 4 periods and your nipples are sore and you have had most of the symptoms but every test you take has been negative?

Well it sound like your stressing over your period and that might be why you haven't had your period. It could be that you had a change in your life style in the past few months.(if any) I suggest you see a doctor.

If you missed your period for twelve days and your nipples are sore can you be pregnant?

Yes, you could be pregnant, but you could also be about to start your period. It's been my experience that emotional upset, or drastic change in my life can throw my usually regular period off sometimes. Have you had any recent changes in your life, either emotional or physical, such as a car accident, a breakup, or a diet change?