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waiting for a period can cause sore breasts (nipples included) headaches, cramps, being bloated and mood changes. Having sore nipples doesn't always mean you are pregnant. If you are not using a Birth Control method then please do! If you are single then ALWAYS have your partner use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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Q: What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due?
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What could be wrong if your nipples have been sore for about a week and your period is a day late so far?

Are you nursing? If not, maybe your pregnant!

What could be wrong if your nipples are swollen and pink?

Have you taken a pregnancy test?

What could be wrong if my breasts have never been swollen before a period but now day 25 they're swollen and they hurt really bad especially the nipples?

Swollen, tender breasts can be the first sign of pregnancy. It was for me, but I just though it was a little worse than usual and I was getting my period lol.

What could be wrong if your nipples are burning but a pregnancy test was negative?

There can be many reasons why your nipples are burning. Upcoming period, or your t-shirt may be irritating them . If tests are negative it is unlikely that you are pregnant. If you want to be sure have a blood test done. All the best!

My nipples have got darker but its just a round circul round your nipple that is dark what could be wrong or could it be nothing?

Could be pregnant

If your pregnancy test said you were pregnant but your period isn't due for 4 more days could it be wrong?

No its not wrong as pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy as early as 4 days before a missed period yes it can b

What could be wrong if you have loss of appetite but still gaining weight sore nipples and feel bloated and sick?

u could be prego

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due and you are on birth control but have been on several antibiotics?

It's very common for women to get sore breasts and nipples before their periods. Our hormones are constantly changing as our bodies ready itself for perimenopause (the start on menopause where periods can fluctuate and our estrogene most of the time is lowering, but in a few women it can be high.) I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are doing everything you can with protecting yourself during intercourse.

A heath question to a doctor?

What could be wrong if I haven't had my period for 5 months then when I did it only lasted for 2 days now again I haven't had my period for 3 months and before this I was very regular?.

What could be wrong if you had a big clot then brown spotting before your period then had a light period and tested negative for pregnancy then started having fever and elevated lymphocytes?

You could have an infection and it's time to see a doctor. This does not mean you are pregnant or have cancer!

What if your mom ask you to rub her nipples what should you do?

shes not your mum if she is asking you to rub her nipples that would be wrong.

Are swollen nipples normal for boys during puberty?

yes it is mi nipples are like that to and theres nuthn wrong with that every bodys nipples r diffrent

What could be wrong if you have sore nipples one week before your period is due and you had protected sex a week ago and the condom didn't tear or break?

If you are not pregnant, it could just be due over stimulation of the nipples. Especially if you had excessive or prolonged stimulation and are not used to it. You may or may not be pregnant but I will at least tell you this... Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy:

What happens if you've had your period before but now hasn't got it for over a year?

You could be pregnant. Or there's something wrong with you. See a doctor. And check your english.

You have had your period for 18 days straight what could be wrong?

see a doctor

What could be wrong if you finished your period a week ago and now you are spotting brown blood?

nothings wrong it could be Implantation bleeding which is a pregnancy sign

If a man has hard nipples what is wrong?

its a nipple erection

How can a man make his nipples larger?

whats wrong with you

Having no appetite on depo and white liquid comes out of nipples?

uuuummm...yeah the only reason i know of of why your nipples would be discharging white liquid is the you would be pregnant but I could be wrong. You should probly check with your doctor.

Can several pregnancy tests be wrong if taken before your period is due?


Your period came on and a string came out?

If your period came on and a string came out this is not good. You could have something very wrong.

What could be wrong if you started having brown discharge about five days before your period was supposed to start and you still have it six days later with some blood?


If your nipples are always hard is there something wrong?

If you mean that they are always erect it is normal and nothing wrong with you.

What could be wrong if you haven't had period since October?

You could be pregnant, you need to go and see your doctor.

What is wrong if you are missing your period?

Could be one of several things. Pregnancy is one of them.