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The southeastern conference

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The Big Ten has won 39 National Championships in College Football. Far more than any conference. I will qualify this answer and one of my other answers by saying that I am only including Championships at the highest level. For Example, the Ivy League has won more than 39, but many came as an FCS competitor. Technically, Division III Ohio Valley Conference has won by far the most, but I am keeping my answers (which actually are accurate) to Championships won at the highest level.

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Q: What conference has the most consecutive national football titles?
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How many conference championships do the Dallas Cowboys have?

Since the 1970 merger of the National Football League and the American Football League, the Dallas Cowboys have won a record eight National Football Conference titles.

How many sec football championships does tennessee have?

They have 16 conference championships and 6 national titles.

Which NCAA conference has won the most national titles from all major sports?

SEC in football

Which badminton player won 8 consecutive national titles?

Judy Devlin won 8 consecutive national titles starting in 1955 and ending in 1963.

How many NFC championships do the packers have?

The Green Bay Packers have won three National Football Conference championships since the National Football League's merger with the American Football League in 1970. Green Bay won the titles in 1996, 1997 and 2010.

How many championships does the Arizona Cardinals have?

The Arizona Cardinals won the 2008 National Football Conference title and the 2008 and 2009 NFC West titles.

How many national football titles does the university of Nebraska have?

Nebraska has 5 National titles.

Is BYU a good school?

Seeing that BYU has claimed a national title in 1984, 23 Conference titles, and a Heisman winner, Yes there football program is good.

Who has most college football national titles?

Alabama Crimson Tide has 14 national titles

What NCAA football team has won the most conference titles in modern football?

That would have to be USC Definatly

Which college has the most national titles in football?

notre dame Princeton also has 17 national titles

What are the top 10 college football programs?

Top Ten College football Programs by stats.1: Michigan - 11 National Titles, Most winning program in college football history, most winning seasons of any college football program, most undefeated seasons of any program, most games played without being shut out, 42 Big Ten Titles, Tied second most conference championship titles than any other program in college football history.2: Notre Dame - 13 Recognized National Titles, Third most winning program in College football History, Seven Heisman winners, most All-Americans of any program.3: USC - 11 Claimed National Titles, Seven Heisman Winners. 38 Pac-10 Titles, Third most conference titles by any other program.4: Ohio State - 7 Claimed National Titles, Seven Heisman winners, fifth most winning program of all time, Second Most All-Americans All-time, Most overall Award winners all-time. 33 Big Ten titles, Fourth Most conference championships than any other program. Fewest losing seasons of any college football program of all time with only eight (minimum 10 seasons). (Played against Michigan to Determine Conference champion numerous times)5: Alabama - 12 Claimed National Titles, more bowl wins and appearances than any program.6: Nebraska - 5 Claimed National Titles, fourth most winning program of all time, 3 Heisman Trophy Winners 46 conference championships, More conference championships than any other program in college football history.7: Oklahoma - 7 Claimed National Titles, Five Heisman Trophy Winners, 42 Conference Titles. Tied second most conference championships all-time.8: Texas - 4 Claimed National titles, second most winning team in college football history, 2 Heisman Trophy winners, 29 Conference Titles.9: Miami - 5 Claimed National Titles, 2 Heisman Winners (Started in 1926 so extra points)10: Penn State - 2 Claimed National Titles, Sixth most winning team of all-time.

What high school courses can get you into football?

Well it's sum school in Indiana I think with like 35!!But I know where I stay,The Valdosta High Wildcats have 23 state(29 appearances),6 National Titles,41 conference titles,almost 900 overall wins and is the all-Time winningest high school football program in the U.S.!!!!!!And not to mention,the conference their in was ranked by USA Today numerous times as the toughest conference in the nation!!!

How many national football titles has Oregon won in football?


Who has the most national football titles?


How many football championships for university of Michigan?

Michigan has 11 claimed national titles and 5 unclaimed national titles.

Which teams have won three consecutive Super Bowls?

No National Football League team has ever won three consecutive Super Bowls. But both the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots won three Super Bowls titles in four years.

How many titles has the Texas longhorns football team won?

4 National Titles. I

How many back to back football titles for sc?

I assume you mean SEC, 4 consecutive

What national league team holds the record for consecutive division titles?

That would be the Atlanta Braves with 14 consecutive division titles between 1991-2005 (no title in 1994 due to the player's strike).

Who has the most national championship football titles?