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Originally Nastia Liukin had a 7.7 difficulty score. When He Kexin, Yang Yilin, and Beth Tweddle found out, He and Yang upgraded to a 7.7, but Beth went for a 7.8 So the highest difficulty score you can get on uneven bars is a 7.8

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There aren't really any general rules, except stay on the bar until your dismount. For levels 1 - 6 (in USA) there is a set routine that you must follow if you don't want deductions. For levels 7+ you can create your own routine but you must follow certain guidelines and include certain skills.

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For uneven bars you need a lot of upper body strength (abdominal and arm/shoulder muscles). You still need some lower body and back strength but just not as much.

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Q: What components of fitness do you need for gymnastics uneven bars?
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The uneven bars that are a 20th century addition. They grew in response to women competing in professional sports. The uneven bars were created to help women focus on strength and stamina in the field of gymnastics.

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