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The scoring system works as follows, it is the same for singles and doubles so where player is used take it to also mean the team in a doubles match:

Love* (being zero) then 15 , 30, 40 and if the player on 40 scores the next point they win the game. If both players have 40, then deuce is called and a player has to score two points in succession to win. At deuce they play for the advantage, if somebody scores a point they get the advantage, then, after scoring another point straight away, they win that game. If, while one player has an advantage, the other player scores a point, it goes back to deuce.

So the answer to your question "What comes after 30 love?" (which means one person has scored two points while the other has yet to score) could be followed by the person with 30 scoring another point in which case it is 40 love or the other person scoring their first point which makes it 30 15.

*Some people say it came from L'oeuf (egg in French) because of the shape of the number

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Q: What comes after 30 love in Tennis?
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What word symbolizes zero in tennis?

Love, in tennis or table tennis zero or nothing means love

What are the points in Tennis?

It is 0 (Love) - 30 - 40 - Game Point.

In which Olympic sport would you see scores like 30-Love or Deuce?


In tennis zero score is?

The term "Love' is used in the game of tennis to refer to 0 or zero score. For example, if I were serving and had lost 2 consecutive points the score would be 0-30 or love-30. Also, at the beginnings of each set 0-0 score for both players, it can be called "love-love"

Where did the word 'deuce' originate in tennis?

The word comes from the French phrase deux, which means "at two" (as in needing two more points to win). Also, there is a Latin prefix in it (du) which mean two; twice.

Why is tennis points love thirty forty?

The tennis points go like this: Love (0 points) 15 (1 point) 30 (2 points) 40 (3 points) Game (4 points) That is just how tennis is played.

What is love in tennis score?

The word love in tennis is a corresponding call in scoring of it and the meaning of love in tennis is 0.

Are love and deuce the only points in tennis?

No love means zero. it then goes love (zero), 15, 30, 40. and deuce is when it is 40 for both teams.

What would be between 30 and deuce?

It would be 40. The scoring in tennis is love, 15, 30, 40.Deuce is when the score is tied at 40.

What is 'I love tennis' when translated from English to Italian?

"I love tennis!" in English is Amo il tennis! in Italian.

0-0 15-0 30-0 40-L is M P?

0-0, 15-0, 30-0, 40-Love (means 0 in tennis) is a match point. - tennis references

Which sport do they say forty love?

You would hear those words in tennis. They are for keeping score in a game. The game points go from love (0) to 15, 30, 40 and then game. If it is 40 all, it is deuce. To win a deuce, you must win by 2 points. It goes from deuce to the advantage of the player who won that point, and then game.