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It is yellow, called gold

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Q: What colour is the centre scoring zone on an archery target for Olympics?
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What is the colour at the centre of a archery target?

usually red or black

What is colour of the centre of an archery target?

usually a brite color or black

What is the Name of center of archery target?

the centre of an archery target is called the gold . this is because it is gold in colour,all rings have a different colour.

What is the colour at the centre of an archery target?

red bullseye Sometimes it is also a yellow or gold circle.

What colour is the centre scoring area of a archery target?

The WA ( World Archery Federation, former FITA ) targets are coloured as follows, from the inside out: * 9 ring, 10 ring and inner 10 ring - gold * 7 ring, 8 ring - red * 5 ring, 6 ring - blue * 3 ring, 4 ring - black * 1 ring, 2 ring - white

What colour is the bull on a archery target?


Which colour is the innermost zone in an archery target?


What colour is the outermost ring of an archery target?


What is the inner-most circle on the archery target called?

It depends on what type of round you are shooting. If its a FITA round there is a separate inner ring which becomes the inner Gold or an X shot, counting as a 10. On an Imperial round anything in the Gold colour is a Gold scoring 9 points. A common mistake is to call an inner Gold as a bulls eye, which is faux pas in archery.

What is the colour for Americas on the Olympics?

red and blue

When was the Olympics first broadcast in colour?


How many rings on an English archery target?

There are 5 different colour rings but there are 2 rings in each colour, so there are 10 rings in total.

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