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Traditional white.

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Q: What colour do you wear while playing tennis in Wimbledon?
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What energy system is used when playing tennis?

The main energy system used while playing tennis is Aerobic Acid.

Is it better to wear a bracelet while playing tennis to protect one's wrist?

"Yes, you can wear a tennis bracelet while playing tennis for some added support. It won't protect your wrist, but it will make it easier to hit the ball."

First colour tv programme world?

Pretty sure it was the Wimbledon Finals. Tennis Bonanza was the first color tv show in the USA. They scheduled the show for Saturday, early evening, in the '60's, so that shoppers could see the show while looking for a tv.

Why is Balance needed in tennis?

Balance is needed in tennis to correct your stance after you have hit the ball. You cannot be falling while you are playing tennis.

How do you change the colour of the pitches on Tennis on Wii Sports?

Hold (2) while choosing yourcharactersafter the screen fades black you get the training tennis court.

How many racquets can a player use in a tennis match?

A player can use only 1 racquet while playing tennis!!!

About how many people die while playing tennis?

1 every year

List prize money for all tennis grand slams?

There are about four tennis grand slams in the world. The Australian Open is worth $33 million, Wimbledon is worth $42.4 million, the French Open is $34.5 million while the US Open is $34 million.

True or false in tennis is the alley used only while playing doubles?


What causes impact to decrease or increase while playing tennis?

y do u care?

It is a good form to use back hand and forearm stoke while playing tennis?


What are the body parts used while playing table tennis?

legs arms and a paddle its simple

Can you wear LeBron 13 while playing Soccer?

You are allowed to wear tennis shoes or sneakers at the referee's discretion.

Which males tennis players wear glasses while playing?

The only one I know is Janko Tipsaervic.

What is the height of a table tennis table in wheelchair table tennis?

76 cm or 30 inches it is exactly the same as a regular table. Except while playing, the regulations are different

How many players are on a lawn tennis doubles team while playing doubles?

2 people on each team, while there are 2 opposing teams

Where could one purchase tennis socks?

Tennis socks are important to keep you comfortable while playing and in some tennis clubs you must wear them to adhere to the club rules. You can buy them from sports shops or your local department store.

What are the Body parts used while playing tennis?

Shoulder wrist thighs knees abs ankles arms

Should 15-16 year old boys wear a Jock strap while playing tennis?

If you want to question mark? \

What muscles in the upper extremities are used while playing tennis?

well the musles you use in tennis in the upper exteermitess. is THE PHEMER! love Sarah yllam

Is tennis a lethal sport?

No, tennis is not a lethal sport. There is no physical contact in the sport and any death that would occur while playing the sport can probably be attributed to a health issue of some kind.

What is a good sentence with the word racket in it?

While me and my friend were playing tennis, he broke his racket, because he dropped it on the ground when he swung.

What medical advice does one seek after taking a funny turn playing tennis?

If one recently experiences oneself executing a funny turn while playing tennis, one should seek some medical advice regarding their joints. The individual might have twisted something.

What happens when someone walks off the court mid set without saying anything while playing tennis?

they forfit the game

Who was the female tennis player stabbed by a knife while playing tennis?

That was Monica Seles at a tournament in Hamburg, Germany on April 30, 1993. A fan ran to the court during a break between games in a match she was playing and stabbed her between the shoulder blades with a boring knife. The fan was captured and arrested but found to be mentally incompetent. He was sentenced to two years probation. While Seles' injuries were not serious, she did not return to competitive tennis for over two years.