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y do u care?

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Q: What causes impact to decrease or increase while playing tennis?
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When the force of impact on an object is extended in time, does the impulse increase or decrease?


Do variable costs per unit decrease when sales increase?

Variable cost per unit remains same per unit and has no impact on increase or decrease of sales.

What impact will an increase in mouse food have on the mouse and rabbit populations?

rabbit population will decrease while the mice population will increase

What impact will a negative demand shock have on the main measures of economic performance?

REal GDP will increase , inflation will increase, and unemployment will decrease

Is paying cash for a dividend an increase or a decrease to your assets?

stock dividends what impact on total assets

If a drought causes the stream to run dry one year how will this likely impact the black bear population?

The population's size will decrease.

Why is it often necessary to reduce the negative impact of the physical environment on dementia patients?

To increase safety and comfort and to decrease agitation

How does music affect the heart rate of a goldfish?

Music has the same impact on the heart rate of a goldfish that it does a person. It can increase or decrease the heart rate.

What will increase one asset and decrease another asset with no effect on liability or owner s equity?

Purchase an asset on cash will increase the purchased asset while reduce the cash amount and no impact on liability or equity section.

How does an increased or decreased cardiac output impact the body?

A decrease or increase of cardiac output in the body can result to several health problems depending on the body's health conditions. A stroke is prevalent if there is an increase of cardiac output that cannot be handled by the system. Lack of oxygen in the brain is an effect of a decrease cardiac output on the other hand.

When the force of impact on an object is extended in time does the impluse increase or decrease?

It decreases. The first moment of impact, the object is at full speed. At the last moment the speed is 0 or even backwards. (When being pushed back.)

Population impact on economy?

POPULATION AND ITS IMPACT ON ECONOMY from 1950 to 2000 the population grows dramatically about 27 crores of population had increased this causes serious problems in economy . India's present day about4th person is leading in poor because of dramatic population. this causes economic decline and becomes a serious issue and India's economic rate such as (food ,clothing ,shelter,) is needed and is increasing dramatically so as citizen of India you should to create awareness among Indians that about impact on economy so as decrease the popultion and increase the economy

What is the negative impact of increase in national income?

causes less export more import thereby reducing the country's current account

What is the impact of overcropping of animal populations on the environment?

The impact of animal population will decrease. This is because the animals will be killed which means there will be less animals and the population will decrease.

What impact does pain from a bunion have on range of motion of the big toe?

Inflammation of this area causes a decrease in motion with associated discomfort in the joint between the big toe and the first metatarsal.

At a constant temperature what is the impact to volume if the pressure is increased?

Volume & pressure are inversely proportionate, if temperature stays constant volume would decrease at a factor proporionate to the increase in pressure.

Why an exogeneously motivated decrease in exports may impact adversely on the national income?

Since exports increase a country's national income, and are determined by a number of variables, therefore an exogeneously motivated decrease (determined outside domestic control) will obviously have an adverse effect on national income.

How do substitute goods and complementary goods affect demand for another good?

Substitutes and complements is the fact that a change in price of one of the goods has an impact on the demand for the other good. For substitutes, an increase in the price of one of the goods will increase demand for the substitute good. (It's probably not surprising that an increase in the price of Coke would increase the demand for Pepsi as some consumers switch over from Coke to Pepsi.) It's also the case that a decrease in the price of one of the goods will decrease demand for the substitute good.

Which of these had the BIGGEST impact on the increase in 1950s consumerism?

Television had the biggest impact on the increase in 1950s consumerism.

What impact did the policy actions have on the fed funds rate?

The impact on the federal funds rate, by any policy, would depend on which policy is in question. Some policies will cause the federal funds rate to increase while other policies will cause the federal funds rate to decrease.

In the buyers records the purchase of merchandise on account would it increase or decrease assets expenses liabilities?

Anything bought on account will have an impact on two sides of the accounting equation. Since we "purchased" the merchandise we are receiving, therefore we will Increase our assets (merchandise), since we purchased this item on "account" we will also increase our liabilities (account payable).

Why the increase in overhead rate should not have a negative financial impact?

An increase in overhead rate will have a negative financial impact. An increase in the overhead will result to an increase in cost, which will lead to lower income.

How did religious conflicts impact the political scenario in France and did they increase or decrease the power of the monarchy?

The religious conflicts impacted the political scenario in negative ways and created discontent and turmoil. These conflicts decreased the power of the monarchy.

What should you do to decrease the impact of ozone layer depletion?

In order to decrease the impact of ozone depletion, we should curb the use of CFCs. It is because in the absence of these CFCs, the ozone hole will automatically replenish.

What happens when you shorten the duration of impact?

You increase the force of the impact