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Q: What college quarterback threw the fewest interceptions in a season?
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What quarterback threw the most interceptions in one season for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In 1955, Jim Finks threw 26 interceptions, that was the most by a Steelers quarterback in one season.

Which NFL quarterback hold the single season interceptions?

Brett Farve in 2005 with 29 interceptions

Who had the fewest interceptions in the NFL during the 2011 season?

Well some backup quarterbacks only had a few snaps and threw 0, but the starting quarterback who threw the least was Aaron Rodgers with 6.

What NFL quarterback has a record for career interceptions?

Through the 2009 season, that is Brett Favre with 317 career interceptions.

Which quarterback threw the most career interceptions?

Through the 2008 season in the NFL, that is Brett Favre with 310 career interceptions.

What player had the most interceptions in one year?

In 1962, George Blanda, the Quarterback for the Houston Oilers, threw for 42 interceptions in a single season.

Which NFL quarterback threw the most interceptions returned for a touchdown career and season?

michael jordan

What is the most interceptions a Chicago Bears quarterback has thrown in a football season?

Through the 2008 season, that is 31 by Sid Luckman in 1947.

What QB has thrown the most interceptions in the 2011 NFL season?

The quarterback that has the most interceptions is Brett Favre, he has 22 interceptions

Which college baseball team holds the record for fewest losses?

Fewest losses ever? Or fewest losses in a season?

Most quarterback interceptions thrown for a touchdown return?

Jarrett Lee, LSU. 7 in one season (and counting)

How many interceptions did Troy Aikman have in his career?

141.The most INTs he threw in a season was 18 (1989 and 1990) and fewest was 5 (1998).