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sugar bowl

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Q: What college football bowl team is nicknamed Glucose Bowl?
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Where can one compete in college bowl games?

College bowl games are college football games. The only people that may compete in college bowl football games are the players from each of the college football teams.

How long is half time at college football bowl game?

Halftime is 20 minutes during a college football bowl game.

What dose FBS stand for in college football?

football bowl subdivision

What college football team won the 2009 Rose Bowl college football?

The USC Trojans won it.

What the heck is a sugar bowl?

a bowl of sugar or a college football game like the rose bowl.

How many college football bowl games are there?


What is the oldest college football bowl game?


What do a cook a toilet and college football have in common?


What does FSB stand for in college football?

FBS= Football Bowl Sub-division

What does fbs stand for in college football?

FBS stands for Football Bowl Subdivision.

What bowl is cosidered the Super Bowl for college football.?

it not actually a bowl anymore. it is the BCS championship game

Why the term bowl for a football game?

The term "bowl" originated from the Rose Bowl Stadium, site of the first post-season college football games.

In college football bowl games do both teams get rings for appearing in the bowl game?


How old is the college football Rose Bowl?

2011 marks the 97th Rose Bowl

What college football bowl game is sponsored by Chik Fil A?

The chick fil a bowl!

What is the oldest and most famous college bowl game?

The Rose Bowl is the most famous and oldest college football game.

What does BCS mean in college football?

Bowl Championship Series

What college football team has the worst bowl record?


Who won the 2009 rose -bowl-college football?


What is the college football Super Bowl?

BCS National Championship

What are the college football bowl game records?

Who holds the most consecutive bowl games won?

When is the first college football bowl game ever played?


Which college football teams have most bowl wins?

Ohio State

In college football what do the letters BCS stand for?

Bowl Championship Series

What team has the most bowl wins in a row in college football?