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Q: What college basketball team had the highest average margin of victory for one full season?
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Largest margin of victory Syracuse basketball?


What is UCLA basketball's head to head record vs Kentucky basketball?

UCLA's record against Kentucky all-time is 4-6. In UCLA's four victories, the average margin of victory was 4.5. In UK's six victories, the average margin of victory was 11. Post John Wooden/Sam Gilbert era, UCLA is 3-3 against Kentucky.

What is the largest margin of victory for an Ohio State basketball team?


Can you give me a sentence with the word victory?

After our basketball victory we celebrated at Papa's!You would have a great victory over your friends if you did your own homework.After our baseball victory we celebrated by having a sleepover at my house.The Americans had victory over the British.

Why was victory in space important for the us?

In battle, you always go for the highest ground. Space is the highest ground you can get.

What is the largest average margin of victory for a team in an ncaa tournament run?

UNC in 2009 with a 20.2 average margin of victory

What is the lowest basketball score on March Madness?

1-0Hawaii victory over Chaminade

What is the most lopsided victory in college football history?


What was the highest scoring college football game in the last twenty years?

As of Novemeber 15, 2007 that would be Navy's victory over North Texas, 74-62, played Novemeber 10, 2007.

What is is a good basketball headline for yearbook?

Queens or Kings of the Court, Slam Dunk, or Pass to victory

What NCAA basketball team is the 2008 champ?

The University of Kansas in an overtime victory over Memphis.

What is the largest margin of victory in a college football game?

In 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0. The 222 point margin of victory is the largest in the history of college football.

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