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1-0Hawaii victory over Chaminade

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Q: What is the lowest basketball score on March Madness?
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What is the lowest basketball score in the Olympics?

0! dah...

What is the lowest NCAA Women basketball score?


What was the lowest score in college basketball game in division 2 in 1971?


What was the lowest final score for a Fresno State college basketball game?


Lowest scoring women's basketball game?

The lowest score for a known women's basketball game was 16-7. It was the 5A Oregon state championship between Willamette and Springfield. Springfield won. The score was 4-0 at halftime.

What was the lowest score in a Dean Smith coached North Carolina basketball game?

March 4, 1965, first game of ACC Tournament in Raleigh, NC. Duke 21, UNC 20

What was the score of the liberty university and university of North Carolina basketball game when university of North Carolina was a 1 seed and liberty university was a 16 seed in NCAA march madness?

71-51 North Carolina in the first round of the 1994 NCAA tournament.

Who won the 2007 March Madness?

The winner of the 2005 NCAA march madness was the North Carolina Tar Heels. They played the University of Illinois in the championship, and it was a great game. The final score was 75 to 70 and throughout the entire year Illinois was undefeated until they went into their last game, then they lost. Sean May lead the way for the tar heels by shooting 10-11 from the field.

Who won March Madness 2012?

The Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Kansas Jayhawks in the championship game. The final score was 67-59.

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lowest score wins bowling

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lowest score is by Rajasthan against Bangalore in year 2009

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The lowest possible score you can get is zero in fruit ninja