What clubs has petr cech played for?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Chelsea FC,Rennes FC,Sparta Prague FC,Blany FC

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Q: What clubs has petr cech played for?
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Who is Chelsea football clubs goalkeeper?

Today the Chelsea goalkeeper is Petr Cech.

Where can you get Petr Cech's helmet?

From the Petr Cech shop in Australia

When did Petr Cech had three shut outs in a row for Chelsea?

Petr cech

How many seasons has Petr Cech played for Chelsea FC?


What is petr cech's shoe size?

196 cm

What is petr cech's religion?

Petr cech comes from the Czech Republic , which was a comunist country, so we can not say about his religion.

Which non English Chelsea player has played most games for chelsea?

Petr Cech

What is petr cech's favourite food?


Is petr cech a triplet?


What football boots is Petr Cech wearing 2012?

Petr Cech the Chelsea goalkeeper wears Nike football boots.

Who are the hundred clubs Match Attex 2011?

Petr Cech,Rio Ferdinand,Cesc Fabregas Are For Sure... Wayne Rooney Might Be 101

Who is team is Cech on in the World Cup?

Petr Cech will not be playing this world cup.