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Today the Chelsea goalkeeper is Petr Cech.

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Q: Who is Chelsea football clubs goalkeeper?
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Is Chelsea football club among richest football clubs in the world?

Yes Chelsea football club is the top ten richest clubs.

Who is the Czech at Chelsea?

Petr Čech is a Czech international football goalkeeper who plays for Chelsea

How tall is petr cech Chelsea football club goalkeeper?


Who is Petr Cech?

A goalkeeper plays at the BPL at chelsea and he is from Czech republic

Who is the goalkeeper for Chelsea?

Petr Čech is the name of the goalkeeper for Chelsea.

Did Peter Bonetti play football for Chelsea?

Peter Bonetti was a football goalkeeper who made 730 appearances in all competitions for Chelsea between 1960 and 1975 - at the time a record for the greatest number of appearances for a goalkeeper until surpassed by Alan Knight of Portsmouth.

Who is the goalkeeper of chelsea?

The goalkeeper for the soccer team, Chelsea is Petr Čech.

What are Chelsea football clubs objectives?

nothing because eniola supports this team and zac is cool and better at football then the whole chelsea team ;)

What boots does Petr Cech where?

Petr Cech the Chelsea goalkeeper wears Nike football boots.

Who was the Chelsea goalkeeper before Peter Bonetti?

The Chelsea Goalkeeper before Peter Bonetti was Reg Matthews

Who was Celtic football clubs first official substitute and who was thee player to come off?

John fallon the goalkeeper

Which of these football clubs achieved promotion in the 2002-2003 season Liverpool wolves Chelsea Barcelona Football Club?

It is Wolves.

What does Chelsea hooligans refer to?

Chelsea hooligans are also known as the Chelsea Headhunters. They are extreme fans of the football club Chelsea. They are known for their extreme violence towards fans of other clubs and for their racism.

Who is Chelsea football clubs top scorer?

i believe it is Nicholas Anelka. Please correct me if i am wrong

Which English football clubs spend the most on player salaries?

The clubs that spend the most on weekly salaries are Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

What football team in the UK does John Terry play for?

John Terry plays for Chelsea Football Club in the UK. He is idolized by Chelsea fans but has been involved in scandals that have made him a target for fans of other clubs.

Who is Chelsea fc goalkeeper?


Which goalkeeper has conceded the most ever english premier league goals?

chelsea goalkeeper.

Which English football clubs as Nicolas anelka played for?

Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea

When was Chelsea football clubs last defeat in the premier league?

Dec 16 2007, 1-0 at Arsenal.

Which are the famous football clubs?

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Liverpool

What are the names of all the English league football teams?

The English football clubs taking part in the champion league are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpooland Manchester United.

Who is the new Chelsea goalkeeper?

ollie thomas

Who was Chelsea goalkeeper in 1999?

Kevin Hitchcock.

Who is the usual goalkeeper of Chelsea?

Thibuat Courtois