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i am led to believe tottenham man u Liverpool everton arsenal are clubs i know for sure i think there are more though

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Q: What club side have been in the top flight league since it began?
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When was Arsenal promoted to the Premier League?

They have been part of the Premier League since it began in 1992, so they were never promoted to it.

What spl team has been awarded the most penalties since the scottish premier league began?

Glasgow Rangers

How long have the Boston Celtics been in the NBA?

63 years Boston Celtics have been in the NBA since the league began in 1946-47.

How many times has Manchester united been knocked out of group phase of champions league?

This is the first season they were knocked out in group stage since champions league began

Which 7 clubs have been members of the Premier League since it began?

Aston Villa Arsenal Chelsea Everton Liverpool Manchester United Tottenham Hotspurs

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Are the Cleveland Indians in the national league?

No they have been in the American League since 1901.

What teams have never been out the top league?

"Manchester United is the only team I know that has never been out of the prem" That answer is incorrect, the only team never to have been relelgated out of the "TOP" league in English Football is Arsenal. Manchester United have only been in the top flight since relegation for 36 years.

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Is there any soccer teams beginning with q?

Gretna F.C in Scotland who have recently been promoted to the Scottish Premier League who have gone from a non-league club to a top flight team since the takeover of the club by Ron McGregor.

What English football club has been in the top league the longest?

Everton. Founder member of the League, they've spent over 100 seasons in the top flight and only four seasons out of it. The longest unbroken run is Arsenal's - they've been in the top division since 1919.

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