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i guess u just wear your pads like knee pads shoulder pads helmet mouthpeice uniform and your cup most importantly bring A game

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โˆ™ 2008-06-07 12:19:20
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Q: What clothing items do you wear when playing football?
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There are very few items of clothing that you wear that start with the letter Y. Two items of clothing starting with the letter Y are yarmulke and a yashmak.

What do Hungarians wear?

Clothing items.

Do koalas wear pants?

No. Koalas do not wear any items of clothing.

What is standard for college football clothing?

The standard for college football clothing in the padding that is necessary for the protection of the players. College football clothing is not different from the professional football clothing or even the little league athletic wear for the contact sport. The helmet is also a standard addition to the college football clothing. But, basically, it is the extra padding that is required to protect the body from injury that could occur in a contact sport such as football that validates the proper wear for the sport.

Can football shirts be recycled?

Yes. Football shirts can be recycled like most items of clothing can. However, if you are not going to wear your football shirt you may want to think about getting it signed and framed and it could be worth something in a number of years time.

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You can fabricate any article of clothing from wool. Clothing items that you wear next to your skin, however, may irritate sensitive areas.

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Rearrange these letters to spell out items you wear THINGCLO?


What is a football cleat?

it is what football players wear on their feet wile playing football

What do people playing volleyball have to wear?


What are the items of clothing that start with the letter you?

People wear underwear. People wear an undershirt and underpants.

What clothing did the shasta tribe wear?

The Shasta tribe wore a wide variety of clothing items. Many of these items, including vests, pants, and undergarments were made from animal pelts.

Can you wear jewelry while playing football?

You can in some football, but you are not supposed to.

Are you insured if you wear glasses playing football?


How many items of clothing did the Irish own if they wear rich or poor?


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You can wear clothing with logos on them in homemade YouTube videos and long as you are not claiming you made those items. You have legally purchased the clothing, and you are also advertising the company.

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Apron, diaper, hosiery and overalls are clothing items. People wear a vest, turban, parka and mittens.

Can you wear contacts while playing football?


Can you wear earings while playing football?

no you can't not even studs

Clothing words that start with a w?

Warm-up suit and wetsuit are clothing items. People wear walking shoes and a wool sweater.

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A runner in the winter should be prepared to wear a couple of clothing items to keep away deadly chills. Such clothing should consist of gloves, tights, long sleeve shirt, and a winter cap.

Info about Switzerlands traditional clothing?

Information about Switzerland's traditional clothing includes the fact that both boys and girls wear tights and smocks. Men wear blue canvas jackets and women wear long-sleeved jackets with an apron. Many items of clothing are decorated with embroidery.

Can you where contacts playing football?

Yes! You definitely can wear contacts playing football. I have worn them for going on 4 years now and have never had a problem with them.