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a two

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Q: What city are the Houston Rockets Basketball team from?
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What is basketball team rockets hisory?

what is Houston rockets hisory

What is the name of Houston basketball team?

The Rockets

Houston rockets?

A professional basketball team originated in Houston,Texas

Who is the rockets best player?

If you mean the Houston Rockets basketball team, definetly Yao Ming.

What basketball team won the Nba Championship in 1994?

Houston Rockets

Which basketball team won the nba final in 1995?

The Houston Rockets

Who were the twin towers for Houston rockets basketball team.?

Ralph Sampson and Akim Olajuwon

The basketball pro team the rockets play were?

Houston, Texas (USA) -- Toyota Center

What team has the longest winning streak in basketball?

Houston Rockets 22 winning streak

On what basketball team would you find Tracy McGrady?

As of December 2007 he plays for the Houston Rockets.

What basketball team was Ron Artest in 2008?

Houston Rockets. He played in the 2008 NBA playoffs with Sacramento Kings and played the 2008-2009 season with Houston Rockets.

What team is yao ming on?

He is on the Houston Rockets.

What is the team of Texas's NBA basketball team?

well, one team is the san antonio spurs, two is the dallas maverics and three is the houston rockets the last is the austin bullhoops

What team did Charles barkley retire with?

The Houston Rockets.

What team does Derek Fisher play on?

Houston rockets

What is Beyonce's favorite sport team?

Houston Rockets

Who the best NBA team?

the Houston Rockets are the best team in the league

What professional sports team has a player named Jeremy Lin?

Asian-American Jeremy Lin is a professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets, of the National Basketball Association. Prior to his current stint with the Houston Rockets, Jeremy Lin played one season with the New York Knicks.

What team did the famous pro basketball player nicknamed 'Clyde' play for?

Clyde "The Glide" Drexler played for the Portland Trailblazers and the Houston Rockets.

What is citizenship in Sparta and Athens?

Athens- not citizens, Spartans- citizens (i think) for anyone that reads this, The Houston Rockets are the greatest basketball team in the world.

Where is the training center for the Houston Rockets team?

The Houston Rockets training facility is located in Houston,Texas. The address is 1200 Wilcrest Drive, Houston,TX 77042.

What year did the Houston Rockets start?

The Rockets began their franchise history as The San Diego Rockets in 1967. After a very disappointing debut, the team was moved to Houston in 1971.

What NBA Team does Dikembe Mutombo play for?

Houston Rockets

What nba team does Tracy mcgrady play for?

The Houston Rockets

What team is Kevin martin on?

He currently plays for the Houston Rockets.