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Q: Which basketball team won the nba final in 1995?
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Which NBA team is?

NBA is not a team NBA is national basketball association

How much does it cost to buy an NBA basketball team?

to buy a NBA Basketball team is 100,000,000,000

How much money does it cost to buy an NBA Basketball team?

to buy a NBA basketball team is 100,000,000,000

How do NBA players get in the NBA?

Be good at basketball and try out college basketball team

What team made to the final for on the NBA?

There wasn't a first final in the NBA

What does a NBA basketball player do?

Well, first they have to get picked by an NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Then they play basketball.

What nba basketball team has most wins in a season?

Chicago Bulls (72-10) 1995-96 season

What is the worst team in nba basketball?

The lackers.

What are the NJ Nets?

NBA basketball team

How many team are there in basketball?

there are 30 in the nba

What basketball team is in Chicago?

Nba= bulls

What is the team of ohio's NBA basketball team?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is the first NBA basketball team?

the NBA had 11 teams to start

How do you get all of the NBA team jerseys in NBA basketball showdown?


Does Buffalo New York have an NBA team?

Buffalo, New York does not have an NBA basketball team.

What is the basketball team of Minneapolis?

NBA team- Minneapolis Lakers(1947-1960) there is no current NBA team in Minneapolis.

What is connecticuts NBA basketball team?

They do not have a team, the Celtics in Boston are the closest team.

Have Saint Louis had a nba basketball team?

Yes, St. Louis did have two NBA basketball teams in the past.

Does Justin Bieber play on NBA basketball team?

yes he did play on the NBA team and he was playing on TV

Things About basketball?

It involves a basketball and hoop. The NBA is a league where professional players play in a team. NBA stands for National basketball association.

Is trailnlazers a NBA basketball team?

Portland Trailblazers.

Who is the Magic?

The Orlando Magic NBA basketball team.

What basketball team won the NBA in 1999?


Which is the number one nba basketball team?

the Celtics

What type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team?

what type of dinosaur features on the logo of the Toronto based NBA basketball team