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Yadier Molina threw out 2,678 runners at any bag.

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Q: What catcher threw out the most runners in his lifetime?
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What catcher has caught the most base runners at 1st Base?

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals.

What is the record for most runners thrown out by a catcher in one game?

Duke Farrell, Washington (NL) threw out 8 on May 11, 1897. AL record is held by Wally Schang of the Philadelphia A's with 6 on May 12, 1916.

What is the most runners to run in a marathon?

10 runners.

What is a passed ball and a wild pitch?

A wild pitch is one that bounces before reaching the catcher that he cannot stop or a pitch that is beyond his normal reach. Most times these pitches go behind him or to his side allowing base runners to advance. A passed ball is a pitch that is mishandled by the catcher and normally goes behind him or to his side. Base runners may advance on these also.

What do road runners breaths?

Road Runners breath oxygen, like most animals.

How many people in a baseball game?

At most there can be 13 players on the field at one time, if you include pitcher, catcher and the other 7 fielding postions. Plus adding the player that is up to bat and 3 base runners give you 13. At the minimum there are 10 players on the field when you take away the base runners.

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Which MLB player holds the record for most at bats and most hits in his lifetime?

most at bats in lifetime - pete rose [14,053] most career hits in lifetime - pete rose [4,256]

What softball position is C?

Position C is the catcher's position. They stay behind home plate. Usually they are the toughest and one of the players having a big knowledge of softball. They help lead the team by calling plays, picking base runners off, and by calling pitches for the pitcher to throw. The catcher is one of the most important people on the field.

Who has played the most games at catcher?

Carlton Fisk with 2226 games played as a catcher

What are the most important events in the history of the Olympics?

the runners and the

Which MLB catcher has won the most Gold GLoves?

As of the 2007 season, Ivan Rodriguez is the catcher who has won the most Gold Gloves with 12.

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