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Q School is usually referring to a Qualifying School. So a PGA Q school product can most likely be used for a Qualifying School activity. PGA usually is referring to Golf.

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2013-06-23 08:01:05
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Q: What can one do with a PGA Q School product?
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Where can one find information on Q School?

Q School is the qualifying school for the PGA and LPGA professional golf tours. Information is available on Wikipedia and the website WelUnderpar as well as in the periodical Golf Digest and directly through the PGA organization.

What are the release dates for Golf Central - 1995 PGA Tour Q-School?

Golf Central - 1995 PGA Tour Q-School was released on: USA: 28 November 2012

Who earns a PGA card?

People who qualify for it through Q-School

How do you earn a PGA teaching card?

you need to go to Q school and get the card

How many spots available in PGA qualifying school?

Only 50 spots are available in Q-School.

Entry form for champions tour q-school?

How do I qualify for the Senior PGA tour?

How do you become a Pga pro golfer?

To become a PGA Pro golfer one must go to Q-School or Qualifying or school, this streches over 6 crueling rounds if tournament. the entry fee is $3000 & anyone can go for it. for more info call PGA at (904)285-3700

How do you enter the PGA qualifying school?

If you have a handicap of less than 3 and are a professional or an amatuer you can fill in application for Q School.

If you are considered a professional golfer why aren't you given a PGA card?

A professional is someone who plays tournaments with cash prizes. To get on the PGA Tour, you must qualify through Q-School. PGA cards are not given, they are earned. A professional plays tournaments for money, accepts money for lessons, takes a job as a golf pro... and yes, to receive a PGA Tour Card, Q-School is one way. There are others. Win 3 Nationwide events. Win the US Amateur. Or be like Tiger.

Do you have to pay the fee again if you don't make the cut for PGA's Q-School and try again the following year?


How many players qualify for the PGA tour from Q-school?

The top 25 players and ties from the final qualifying stage.

Did Phil mickelson go to Q school?

Phil Mickelson did not go to Q school due to the fact that he won the Northern Telecom Open, a PGA tour event, as an amateur in 1991. He was able to turn pro the next year.

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