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both are good for muscle building.

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Q: What build muscle better and faster Pull ups and push ups vs weight training?
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In what way muscle training is different than body exercise of weight training?

Muscle training is lifting weights and weight exercises

In weight training muscle endurance can best be emphasized by combining?

in weight training muscle endurance can best be emphasized by combining a

What is the purpose of weight training gear?

to make you build muscle without you hurting yourself. you will build muscle faster with it but it also keeps you safer. dont ask me how it just does.

What happens to your muscle when you stop weight training?

The muscle atrophies and decreases in mass and strength if training is discontinued.

How do you gain weight to get muscle?

You don't gain weight in order to get muscle. You overload your muscles with heavy weight training, and then eat more to fuel the muscle growth.

How can you lose weight but have muscle?

Lose weight through diet and cardio exercise, gain muscle through weight-training exercises.

Does Fitness 19 have a better Weight Training Program than the YMCA?

It is debatable about whether Fitness 19 has a better weight training program than a YMCA. Any weight training program can be beneficial but it depends on what the person is trying to achieve. Fat loss, muscle gain, toning, speed or strength. Weight training programs should be tailored to the goals of the individual in the program.

Is weight training good for females?

Absolutely it is. Weight training is especially beneficial as women age and bone mass declines. Weight training strengthens the muscles surrounding the bones, thus strengthening the joints reducing the chance of osteoporosis. Also, if a women is trying to lose weight or maintain her current weight, weight training increases muscle mass which burns calories much faster than fat.

Extensive weight training causes the muscle cells to?


What is the importance of weight training?

By weight training you increase your muscle strength, increase your resistance and obtain bigger and lean muscles.

How much weight can be gained from weight training?

If Your serious about bodybuilding and putting on solid muscle, You could roughly put on a pound of muscle every 1 to 2 weeks with proper nutrition and weight training.

Which is heavier fat or muscle?

muscle. A person who begins an exercise/ weight training program can weigh the same the same but appear much healthier and have a better physical appearance after losing fat and gaining muscle.

Can you gain muscle mass with weight training without gaining weight?

No that is impossible. You cannot gain muscle mass without ever gaining weight.

What are the best weight training exercises to lose weight?

Weight training exercises alone aren't particularly effective for weight loss. For weight loss you want to burn more calories, and to burn calories you want get your heart rate up and to keep it up, and the longer the better. Weight training rarely achieves that. Cardio/aerobic exercises will do a better job at this. Besides, while muscle is better than flab, muscle is still weight, and weight training will put more muscle on you. If you insist on weight training you should focus on low weights and endless repetitions.Cardio is important for weight loss. To achieve best results you should do your cardio in the morning.The very best exercise combination for weight loss is cardio exercise and weight training. Proper weight training will build muscle, which is your metabolic furnace that will burn additional calories 24 hours a day. Cardio exercise, when done properly, it is very effective for fat loss. Cardio will increase the amount of calories your body uses during and immediately after exercise. For more information about how to combine cardio and weight training for weight loss, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What is the all or none principle in weight training?

The "All or None" principle in weight training is that a muscle fiber contracts completely, or not at all.

Should you do speed training before weight training?

The simple answer to the question is yes you can but it depends. Typically you should not do speed training before weights primarily because speed training should be done when you fresh (not fatigued) Doing weighs before will tire you. However, there is a training effect called "Potentiation" which basically mean that if you excite your muscles through weight training before you do a sprinting effort your muscle will produce more power than without the stimulation - more force means that you will run faster. Of course care has to taken with how heavy the weight is and the volume of the session.

How could you gain muscle without using steriods?

Weight training.

Does weed effect weight training?

yea it helps muscle development

When to use muscle fuel?

Its best to take once in the morning and after training, to optimise muscle weight gain.

Does weight training cause weight gain?

If you are building muscle, you will most likely see a slight weight gain. Do not fret, if you are gaining weight and seeing muscle gains, that is a good thing.

How do you get defined arms?

Weight training--for faster results use more weight fewer repetitions.

Do you carry on losing weight for 8 hours after weight training?

Done correctly, weight training will increase your amount of muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat. So, with increased muscle, you will actually be burning more calories 24 hours a day for as long as you maintain your increased muscle mass. .

Surprisingly, weight training helps you lose weight faster because your building muscle. Muscle burns more fat than doing cardio.?

Yes, but it's also about diet and lifestyle changes as well. You can cut out carbs and fat for fat loss but if you want muscle, you need to eat meat for the protein.

How can you build muscle and lose 5 pounds?

By doing cardio and weight training

What supplements are good for building muscle?

protein clean diet and weight training