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White Belt is the traditional starting point for students.

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Q: What belt do you have when you just start karate?
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What belt do you start on in wado ryu karate?


What is the first belt in karate?

the first belt in karate is white

What is a karate belt called in Japanese?

a belt or a karate belt in Japanese is called obi

What do you have to accomplish to get a white belt in karate?

I study Kenpo style of karate and there is no requirement for white belt, it's like a clean slate meaning you've just begun.

In karate do you automaticaly start off with a white belt?

In most schools you start with a white belt. Some make you earn that right and don't allow a belt until you show your dedication.

What belt does Kristin Kreuk have in karate?

Kristin Kreuk has a purple belt in karate.

Is there a red belt before the black belt in karate?

It depends on the style of karate. In some styles there is a red belt before reaching Black Belt. In others the red belt represents as the 9th and 10th dan (black belt) in karate.

How much does the uniform cost for GKR karate?

Karate Uniforms (Gi's) For Gkr Karate are $50 each and come with a belt (White Belt) And Club Logo. Just ask your Sensei or the person that marks your card when you go to your local dojo

What does the color yellow belt represent in karate?

Yellow belt is just past white. It means that you might know a little more than someone who's never done karate at all.

What is the next kaigan karate belt after white?

the next kaigan karate belt after white is orange

Why is Santa so good at karate?

Santa is good at Karate because he has a "Black Belt". MERRY KICK-MAS!

In karate what color is the beginners belt?

white There is a old story to the history of the Karate belt orders: when Japan was in poverty they couldn't afford getting a new belt every belt test so they would start out with white, dye the white yellow, dye the yellow orange, and so on until the belt was completely black of dying.

Did the singer songwriter Ricky Nelson have a black belt in karate?

No, he reached brown belt in karate. Then he studied Jeet Kine Do.

What belt in karate is after the blue belt?


What color of karate belt is a second degree master?

black. it just has the roman # symbol

What is the belt after yellow on recorder karate?

The belt after yellow belt on recorder karate is the orange belt. The song of yellow belt is Gently Sleep and the song on orange belt is Merrily We Roll Along.

What is the lowest belt in Indian karate?

The beginning belt in almost all martial arts is white. Some will make you earn that, so that you start without an obi.

Is the black belt the highest achievement in karate?

Sort of. There are ten levels of black belt, so reaching the first level is just the beginning!

Which belt comes after white belt in karate?


What does a white belt stands for in karate?

A beginner, someone that has just started their martial arts journey.

Is karate in the Olympics?

No I wish it was as I am a yellow belt and have just being to the Championships and won some stuff

How would one obtain a brown belt in karate?

One would obtain a brown belt in karate by taking lessons at an established karate training center. The belt color progression will be determined by the level of skill achieved and proven.

How do you put your karate belt on?

{| |- | Find the middle of the belt. Place it over your naval. Wrap the belt behind you and pull it around back in front. Do the first tie, just like you would to start tying your shoe, but go under both of the other parts of the belt. Finish it off with a second knot to make a square knot. |}

Why is it customary to kneel while putting on a karate belt?

It isn't customary to kneel while putting on a karate belt and never has been.

Was Michael Jackson a black belt in karate?

I have never seen any records indicating that he had a black belt, or had even studied karate.