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Q: What basketball team has 59 wins in the big tournament?
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What hotel does the Syracuse Men's basketball team stay at during the Big East Tournament?

The Knight's Inn

What are the two big tournaments college basketball has in march?

The NCAA Tournament and The NIT tournament

What NCAA program has the most wins since 2000 in the NCAA tournament?

MSU because they have a great coach and dominate the big ten and all of basketball.

How many big ten championships does Wisconsin have in basketball?

The Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball team has a total of 19 Big Ten Championships. (17 Regular Season Championships, two Conference Tournament Championships)

What are the NCAA tournament wins by conference?

The number of NCAA tournament wins by conference overall is led by the Big East. Coming a close second is the Atlantic Coast Conference and then after them is the Big 12.

Which states have not played in NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament?

Alaska, Maine and South Dakota are the only states to not send a team to the big dance.

What does the store Big Ten basketball sell?

The store Big Ten basketball sells basketball tickets for the Big Ten tournament. This site also shows the person stats on the sports played by the Big Ten.

Who has the most big ten basketball wins?

Purdue University

What is the colorful thing at center court of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?

It's the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo. It is each schools two main colors as if they were pennants in a circle. It also has a image of a basketball net (white lines) as if you were looking up through it.

How many teams make the big 12 tournament?

In the current version of the Big 12 Conference Basketball Tournament, all 10 teams in the league qualify for the postseason bracket. The top six teams get a bye, and teams ranked 7-10 play in the first round. From the second round on, it is an eight team tournament.

What is the winningest big ten basketball team?


Who has the most college hockey wins?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I seriously doubt that any college basketball team has won a college hockey game.

Who holds the record for most points scored in a big east basketball tournament?

Kemba Walker from UCONN.

What is the name of the Illinois basketball team?

Chicago BullsThe Illinois Fighting Illini men's basketball team is an NCAA Division I college basketball team competing in the Big Ten Conference.

When was the last time a big Xii team won the NCAA basketball tournament?

Well, since the Big 12 has been around (1996), no team has won the championship. However, two teams currently playing in the Big 12, Kansas and Oklahoma State, have won championships. Kansas was the last to win, in 1988.

What team does the basketball player Big Easy play for?

The Harmlem Globetrodders

Who has the Best big east basketball team road record?


What college basketball team is called Big Blue?

Kentucky Wildcats

Does the team with the most overall divisional wins in there division win the division even if they have less total wins than another team in there division?

In the national football league, the team with the most wins overall wins In major league baseball, the team with the most wins overall wins In the national basketball association, the top three teams from each division get the top 3 seeds, then the following best records get into the playoffs in order of wins. In college football, the team with the most DIVISIONAL technically wins, although they play the team in their division with the second most divisional wins in a "championship game". Although it should be stated that they are call conferences i.e. Pac 10 Conference, Big 10 Conference

How many Purdue NCAA basketball team wins?

PURDUE UNIVERSITY won the Mens Basketball Championship in 1932 with a final record of 17-1, with now legendary coach John Wooden as a member of the team. Purdue also as of 2009 has the most Big Ten Men's Basketball Conference crowns at 21. More than I.U.

What is the most teams ever sent to the NCAA basketball tournament by one conference?

The record is 11 teams. The Big East conference sent 11 teams to the NCAA Tournament in 2011.

What was the roster of the 1964 Kentucky basketball team?

silver grove big trains

What is c in basketball?

C in basketvall stands for 'Centre'. The big-man of the team.

Which Big Ten mens basketball team was the first NIT champion?


Which football team has the most conference wins in the Big 12?

Kansas state