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The NCAA Tournament and The NIT tournament

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Q: What are the two big tournaments college basketball has in march?
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What are the names of the big 5 in Philadelphia pa college basketball?

can you please tell me what are the names of the college basketball big 5 in philadelphia

Is basketball played in college?

Yes, basketball is played in college. This is called college basketball. There are multiple conferences in which the teams play in (i.e. ACC, Pac-10, Big 12, etc.). At the end of the season, the top ranked teams go head-to-head in a giant playoff system called "March Madness."

What college basketball team is called Big Blue?

Kentucky Wildcats

How big is a college basketball court in feet?

A college court is 94ft long.. and 50 ft wide

What are the major sports in Kansas?

Kansas and Kansas State (College) basketball is big.

Did big bang theory air Thursday 15 march?

No. Because of the NCAA basketball games, the next episode will air March 29th. I know, basketball sucks for this.

What college do I go to to play basketball?

Louisville, Duke, U. of North Carolina, U. of Michigan are some big basketball program colleges. but to be in the NBA you dont HAVE to do college.

What is the greatest spread in college basketball?

Ive gotta go with a really big spread.

What is march maddness?

March Madness is a college basketball tournament. In the beginning of March, they play games to determine who gets to actually be in the tournament. Then all through March they play till down to the Final Four. They each play each other and then their is the big championship game which decides the winner! Hope this answers your question.

How many fouls can a player make in big east basketball before fouling out?

4. On your 5th foul in college basketball you have fouled out of the game.

What topics does The Big Lead website cover?

The Big Lead is a website devoted to news in the sporting world. Some of the topics covered by The Big Lead are playoffs and tournaments. The sports they cover are football, baseball, and basketball. They also have news and stories on hockey.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in Big East women's college basketball?

Maya Moore

Who is the all time leading scorer in Big East men's college basketball?

Terry Dehere

Where do the Big Heads in the stands at college basketball games come from?

They started in 2001 @ Indiana University the first big head was of Bobby Knight.

Who has the most college hockey wins?

I'm not a big sports fan, but I seriously doubt that any college basketball team has won a college hockey game.

Does Boston college have a girls basketball team?

Yes. They won the Conference tournamet in 2004 (Big East).

How big the basketball court is?

Per regulation, a college basketball court must be 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. A high school basketball court must be 84 by 50 feet.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in Big East men's college basketball?

Lawrence Moten of Syracuse is the big east all time leading scorer.

How big is an NCAA basketball?

Size 7, just as big as a NBA basketball

Why is a basketball big?

A basketball is big because in the NBA, pros have big hands, and also because when you play basketball, your body gets a lot bigger. They were made after my ballz

What does the store Big Ten basketball sell?

The store Big Ten basketball sells basketball tickets for the Big Ten tournament. This site also shows the person stats on the sports played by the Big Ten.

What is the name of the Illinois basketball team?

Chicago BullsThe Illinois Fighting Illini men's basketball team is an NCAA Division I college basketball team competing in the Big Ten Conference.

What is the Big Dance?

The Big Dance refers to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, which takes place in March every year. With 64 teams vying for the championship trophy, the famous sporting event is also known as "March Madness."

Is Purdue in any NCAA conference?

Every college basketball team is part of a conference. Purdue is included. Purdue is part of the Big 10.

How big is the sport basketball?

Basketball is the bigest sport in the world.