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Q: What baseball team has the highest world series winning percentage?
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How can a baseball player have the highest percentage batting average the first and second half of a season yet still not have the highest for the total season?

because the world series

What team has the best World Series winning percentage?

Of teams that have played at least 10 World Series, that would be the New York Yankees with a World Series record of 26-13 for a winning percentage of .667. The Athletics are second at .643 (9-5) and the Red Sox are third at .626 (7-4). Four teams are undefeated in World Series play, the Marlins (2-0), Blue Jays (2-0), Diamondbacks (1-0), and Angels (1-0). The Pittsburgh Pirates have played in 7 World Series and have a record of 5-2 for a winning percentage of .714.

What percentage of teams winning game 1 of Division series go on to win the series?

More than half.

What win percentage does a baseball team need to make the playoffs?

As far as MLB is concerned, winning percentage doesn't really enter in to whether a team makes the playoffs or not. A team makes the playoffs by winning their division or being the team with the highest winning percentage of those other teams that did not win their division. There have been teams to make the playoffs with a record as 'poor' as 83-78, as did the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals who went on to win the World Series. There have been teams with records as good as 94-68 (1982 Baltimore Orioles) that did not make the playoffs. That goes to show that a team with a winning percentage of just over .500 can make the playoffs where a team with a winning percentage of .580 can miss the playoffs.

What percentage of teams winning game 1 of the nhl playoffs go on to win the series?

Game 1 winners have a 367-164 advantage for a 69% chance of winning the series.

What percentage of teams winning games 1 and 2 of the world series go on to win the world series?

5 percent

What was the best record for the New York Yankees?

The 1927 Yankees, arguably the greatest baseball team of all-time, had a winning percentage of .714 (coincidentally the number of career homeruns by Babe Ruth) by going 110-44. In 1998, they had a winning percentage of .704 with a won-loss record of 114-48. These are the only years their winning percentage was above .700. They swept the World Series in both of these years.

What baseball team played the most seasons with winning the world series?


Who is winning in baseball?

Yankees has the most world series win if that's what you mean. (27)

Baseball players most World Series?

Yogi Berra played in 14 World Series with the Yankees winning 10.

What percentage of teams winning game 1 of the nba playoffs go on to win the series?

Seventy-five percent.

How many games in playoffs to win world series?

There are seven games in the Major League Baseball World Series and the winning team needs to win the majority of the games meaning the winning Major League Baseball team will need to win four games out of the seven games in the series.

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