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A partial list would include Hall of Famers Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Phil Rizzuto, and Hank Greenberg.

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Q: What baseball players went to World War 2?
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Why was women's baseball started?

It was an experiment during World War II due to the number of baseball players that went into the service. It didn't last but a couple of years.

Was there any Baseball players who died in World War 2?

no there wasnt any

Famous baseball players during World War 1?

Jackie Robinson

Was there Baseball during World War 1?

Yes, there was major league baseball during World War I. The 1918 season was shortened when the US Government required the game to finish its regular season by Labor Day, which meant each team played between 125-130 games instead of the 154 they usually played. Many teams required their players to participate in military drills during their off time. Many players went into the service and many went to work for factories making munitions to be used in the war effort. But MLB carried on with the Chicago White Sox winning the 1917 World Series and the Boston Red Sox winning the 1918 World Series.

Did any athletes enter World War 2?

yes, Able-bodied men were expected to serve in the military, and most qualified professional athletes answered the call. Early in 1941 sports stars inducted into the armed forces included baseball player Hank Greenberg and football players Dave Smulker and Chuck Gelatka. By 1945, 509 active major league baseball players had served, some two hundred colleges had disbanded their football teams because players went to war, and four thousand boxers, including five world champions, had joined the military.

Was there a mens baseball luege in baseball during World War 2?

Sure. Major League baseball, as well as minor league baseball were in full operation during World Way II, although many players were involved in the service during that time.

What happened to baseball after World War 1 was over?

Baseball was at it's height of popularity in 1941. The outbreak of WW2 change all that when over 500 Major League players enlisted. But the games were played using minor league players and attendance suffered very little. After the war baseball soon became just as popular as it is today.

What was the most popular sport in the US during the 1940s?

Definatley Baseball, even though the world war took some players.

How many women were in the women's baseball league during world war 2?

6 teams with 15 players per team

What went wrong in World War I?

Douglas haigs plan went wrong in world war 1

Who where the baseball players who fought in the Korean war?

Notable major league baseball players to serve in the Korean War were Willie Mays, Ted Williams, Whitey Ford, and Don Newcombe.

Do people still play cod5 world at war after MW2 has came out?

I would suspect that some of the population still plays Cod5. Still, a large majority of COD players went with MW2, but then went back to MW1

Why did women play baseball during World War 2?

when the men went off to fight in the war somebody had to take their places in the major the women did it

How old was billy bishop when he went to world war 2?

Billy Bishop was 26 when he went to world war II.

How man soldiers went in World War 1 from UK?

209,85 people went into world war one from the uk

Can You Play 2 players Online on World at War on the same PS3 and screen?

yes you can play 2 players online on world at war on the same ps3 screen

Who went to war with who in World War 1?

Germany, austria-hungry and Italy went to war with England, France and russia

Why did France go into World War I?

France went into World War 1 because it had an alliance with Russia. When Germany declared war on Russia, France went to help its ally.

Who has more players World of Warcraft or xbox?

world of War Craft

Did World War 1 go longer than World War 2?

No; WW1 went on for 4 years while WW2 went for six.

Who was in the Gallipoli war in the World War 1?

All of the austarilans and new zaelands went to the first world war i

How the course of events went to being a local conflict to a world war?

World War 2

How many years did World War I go on for?

World War 1 went on for about 4 years.

What major league baseball players in World War 2 were classified 4F by the military?

Hal Newhouser Whitey Kurowski Dixie Walker

Who went to work when men went to fight in World War 2?

the woman