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World Baseball Classic is an international baseball tournament. It was created by the Major League Baseball Players association and it features national baseball players from the major leagues around the world.

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Q: What is meant by the World Baseball Classic?
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Who won the 2009 world baseball classic?

Japan won the world baseball classic 2009

How many times has Venezuela won the world baseball classic?

venezuela never won the world baseball classic

What are the main baseball competitions?

The World Series, World Baseball Classic and the Olympics ...

Is the world baseball classic the Olympics for baseball?

Baseball is not an Olympic sport.

Is there a major worldwide baseball tournament?

World Baseball Classic

Who won the the 2006 world baseball classic?

Japan defeated Cuba in the championship game, 10-6, to win the 2006 World Baseball Classic.

When did the world baseball classic start?


How many years separate the world baseball classic?

3 years had separated the first 2 World Baseball Classic tournaments but now all future World Baseball Classics will be every 4 years.

Where is the 2010 World Classic Baseball being played?

There is no 2010 World Baseball Classic. it's on a rotaion of every 4 years and the last 1 was 2009.

Who won the 2007 world baseball classic is not the same as who won the world baseball series?


What team did torii hunter play for in the world baseball classic?

Torii Hunter didn't play for any team in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic games.

What is the name of the annual American baseball championship?

either you're thinking of the world series or the world baseball classic

Who became the first champion of the World Baseball Classics?

The first World Baseball Classic, held in 2006, was won by Japan.

Did Moises Alou retire?

Yes, after the World Baseball Classic in the spring of 2009.

What former Yankee managed the Venezuelan national baseball team in the 2006 World Baseball Classic?

Luis Sojo

Who is the only baseball player to play in the little league world series the college world series the Olympics the world baseball classic and the World Series?

Jason Varitek - Red Sox

Which country failed to make the 2009 World Baseball Classic final?

United States

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When was Liberty Bell Classic - baseball - created?

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How many times has Mexico won the World baseball classic?

0 they havent won yet

What television network is broadcasting US vs Canada game in the World Baseball Classic?


Which country failed to make the 2009 world baseball classic finals?

The countries that failed to make it to the 2009 World Baseball Classic Finals were China, Chinese Taipei, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Italy, Netherlands, Dominican Republics, Puerto Rico and Panama.

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