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Pete Rose had 14053 official at bats and drew 1566 bases on balls.

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Q: What baseball player had the most career at bats?
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How many AtBats ever?

Pete Rose has the all-time Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most at-bats (AB) with 14,053 at-bats in his 24-year MLB career - 1689 more than Henry "Hank" Aaron, who is #2 on the all-time career at-bats list.The active MLB player with the most career at-bats is Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees with 10,025 career at-bats.

What baseball player has most runs?

Rickey Henderson has the most for a career with 2,295.

What baseball player has the most career home runs as a Pirate?

Willie Stargell has the most career Homeruns as a Pirate with 475 Homeruns in his career as a Pirate.

Which player has the most World Series at bats?

Yogi Berra has the most career World Series at bats with 259, and 295 plate appearances

Who has the most career assists at shortstop?

The Major League Baseball player that has the most career Assists as a Shortstop is Ozzie Smith he was able to get 8,375 assists in his career.

What baseball player has the record for the most home runs in a single career?

Hank Arron

Which baseball player has the most career hits against manager Bobby Cox?


Which baseball player holds the record for most games won and most games lost in his career?

Cy Young

Which MLB player holds the record for most at bats and most hits in his lifetime?

most at bats in lifetime - pete rose [14,053] most career hits in lifetime - pete rose [4,256]

How many at bats does an average baseball player get a year?

Your typical starting position player figures to get about 500 at bats, assuming they play most of the season.

Who has broken the most bats in his Major League Baseball career?

Broken bats is not a statistic kept by MLB nor by any team in MLB. There is no way to know this answer.

What baseball player holds the record for the most home runs in a career in japan?

Sadaharu Oh with 868.

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