What baseball player got the most hits of all time?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Pete rose 4256 hits

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Q: What baseball player got the most hits of all time?
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What baseball player has the most runs batted in all time?

Babe Ruth

Who has the third most All-time hits in baseball?

Ty Cobb has the second most hits in MLB history. He played from 1905 until 1928 and had over 4,000 hits during his career.

Who is the most popular player in the US history?

The most popular player in any sport for the United States has to be from the nations past time. Baseball is our national sport and our famous player is Babe Ruth.

Why is Jackie Robinson important to everybody?

Because he is one of the most important baseball player's of all time.

Which player has the most career hits as a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter is the Yankees all-time hit leader.

Who is Craig Biggio?

Craig Biggio is a Houston Astros baseball player. He plays second base, has over 3,000 hits, and is most likely a future Hall of Famer. He has the record for most hit by pitches lifetime, and is one of the greatest leadoff hitters of all time.

Do postseason hits count towards all-time hits in baseball?

no, they are categorized seperately

Who is Baseball all time leader with 4256 hits?

Pete Rose holds the record for all time Career hits with 4,256.

What is the purpose of baseball?

to make as many hits and runs as possible in that time

Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?

Many people would argue about who is or who isn't the greatest baseball player of all time but i would say Babe Ruth. He was the best baseball player that i know. I didnt know him, but i know who he is. :D

What baseball player was nicknamed ''MrOctober'' for his outstanding post-season performance?

Reggie Jackson, who was the only two-time World Series Most Valuable Player (1973 and 1977).

In baseball what does hold out mean?

'Hold out' is a term used not only in baseball but in most sports. It means a player has not signed a contract and, in most cases, is looking for better contract terms such as more money or a longer length of time.