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Watching a Major League Baseball manager argue balls and strikes is one of the most entertaining parts of the game. Sometimes the argument gets out of hand the manager gets ejected. The first one to get ejected from a World Series game was Hughie Jennings of the Detroit Tigers.

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Hughie Jennings of the Detroit Tigers in Game 2 of the 1907 World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

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Bobby Cox was ejected from 132 Baseball games

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Q: What baseball manager got kicked out of the most baseball games?
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What baseball player played the most games with one manager?

I'm not absolutely certain, but I would say Chipper Jones under Bobby Cox(Atlanta Braves).

What manager won the most World Series games?

Casey Stengel, who was manager of the New York Yankees from 1949 to 1960, won a record 37 World Series games.

What baseball manager got ejected second most?

Probably Earl Weaver he was a legend.

Who is the most out of control manager in Major League Baseball?

Lou Pinella, Chicago Cubs

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Who is the losingest manager in Major league baseball?

Depends what you mean by losingest. The manager who has lost the most games, Connie Mack (3948), has also won the most games, because he managed the most games - 7755 games over 53 seasons - waaaaaaay more than anyone else. 16 managers have managed at least one game, and failed to win any - for a .000 winning percentage. The most games below .500 a manager is is 242, by Jimmie Wilson who went 493-735 in the 30s and 40s managing some pretty bad Phillies and Cubs teams. That's a .401 winning percentage though, which is pretty bad, but nowhere near the worst winning percentage for a manager who "qualifies," (320 career games managed, according to - that distinction is held by Doc Prothro, who guided the Phillies to a 138-320 record between 1939 and 1941, for a paltry winning percentage of .301. Take your pick.

Under which manager did the Red Sox win the most games in 1990's?

Bobby Valentine

Which New York Yankees manager was the most successful?

Joe McCarthy won the most games as Yankees manager with 1,460. Both Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel have won the most World Series championships with seven.

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Cy Young

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Whitey Herzog is famous for being an American baseball player and most notably as a baseball manager. He started his baseball career in 1956 with the Washington Senators.

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baseball 162 games and playoffs

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