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Wind sprints as I understand them are athletic drills where the athlete must run as fast as he or she can between two set points, returning back and forth between those set points, until a set number or the coach or supervisor signals a stop. The one hundred eighty degree turn at the line or cone or other delineation may, at the discretion of the coach, incorporate another task such as touching a marker or executing some push ups, sport specific movements, jumps, mountain climbers, pull-ups, etc.

In sports with a court, such as Basketball, lines on the court are often the set points. Athletes may be required to sprint to the half court and back and then the full court and back. In field sports, coaches who seek to develop both aerobic and anaerobic endurance in the athletes will sometimes have athletes sprint to one line, marker, and cone, then jog back, then sprint again. There may be some flexibility in the definition of the term depending on the sport or training system. You may wish to clarify further with your trainer.

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Q: What are wind sprints?
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