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The two major divisions of the NFL are the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. They were separate leagues until the two merged in 1970.

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Q: What are two main division of the national football league?
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How many teams in American football?

In the National Football League (The main football league in the United States) there are 32 teams. There are more teams if you include the smaller football leagues in the United States.

What is the phone number of the NFL's main office?

The National Football League is located in NYC. Their address is: National Football League 345 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017 Their phone number is: 1-212-450-2000

What is australias main sport?

mainly NRL (rugby League) and AFL (australian football league)

National sport of Ireland?

Ireland has two main national sports. They are Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Where can someone go to watch highlights of the Saints vs Falcons game?

One can go to NFL's (National Football League) main website. There, one can view any game's highlights and get the schedules for future football games.

What are the main sport teams in Edmonton Alberta?

Edmonton is home to two major league sports teams: Edmonton Eskimos (Canadian Football League); Edmonton Oilers (National Hockey League). Other well-known Edmonton sports teams include the Edmonton Rush (National Lacrosse League), Edmonton Capitals (Golden Baseball League), Edmonton Energy (International Basketball League), Edmonton Oil Kings (Western Hockey League - Major Junior Hockey), Edmonton Drillers (Professional Arena Soccer League) and several amateur football teams.

What is a hockey league?

It is a league that has many different branches, theres a junior league, western hockey league, and so on, but the main league is the national hockey league which is composed of 30 teams.

What is the Belgian football league called?

It's called the Jupiler Pro League. Jupiler is the League's main sponsor and is a well-known brand of beer in Belgium.

What is Irish people main sport?

Gaelic Football and Hurling are Ireland's two national sports.

What is the difference btween pitching in the American League and pitching in the National League?

The main difference between pitching in the American League and the National League is that in the American League, the Pitcher has to pitch to all nine batters. In the National League, the Pitcher has to pitch to nine batters as well but the batter in the ninth spot is the opposing Pitcher and Pitchers aren't typically very skilled at batting.

What is the french national sport?

Football and Rugby are the two main sports in France. (Although everyone knows that the national sport is going on strike.)

What are the main soccer teams in Italy?

There are many football leagues in Italy as in most countries. The main teams are in the serie a basically the top league. Some teams in this league are Intermilan, AC Milan and AS Roma

Which event management company organizes the Australian Football League Final Series?

Toyota are the main organisers of the event.

What sport is played at the Jubilee Oval?

The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

What is the main sport in mexico?

Charreria is Mexico's national sport. Football is the most popular however along with boxing...

What was the main goal of the National Negro Business League?

To help African Americans establish and run their own businesses

Does Madeira have any football or baseball stadiums?

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What are the two main types of cell division?

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What are the colors of Ireland's soccer team?

The Irish Football Team's National and Team colours are Green (Main) Orange and White...

What were some early leagues in American Football?

Football in America began with two main leagues: the National Football League and the American Football League. The champion of each league played the other in an early form of the Super Bowl. These two leagues eventually combined to form the National Football League. The teams in the original NFL joined the National Football Conference. The teams that were in the original AFL (not the indoor kind) joined the Amercian Football Conference. I don't know dates or anything like that, but a good place to find them is in the World Almanac. The NFL has always been the predominant professional football league in America. Four leagues calling themselves the American Football League sprang up to compete against it, the first three in the 1920s, '30s, and '40s. They quickly folded. The fourth AFL, which began play in 1960, was the only league to ever pose a significant challenge to the NFL -- enough to force a merger in 1970 and create a championship game to be played between the two leagues. That game is what we now call the Super Bowl. The AFL of 1960-69 added the Bills, Patriots, Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Jets, and Titans (then the Houston Oilers) to the NFL. The All-America Football Conference also challenged the NFL from 1946 through 1949. When that league folded, the NFL admitted three teams: the Browns, 49ers, and Colts -- although not the same Colts franchise that exists today.

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