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£3000 a week

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Q: What are the wages of female rugby players?
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Does the rugby league salary cap include coaches salaries?

No, just to players wages.

What are the wages of female football players?

There has yet to be a professional female football player.

Why are more rugby union players moving to rugby league?

There is an issue presently in the union code of money. Wages between the two codes differs considerably and therefore union players who are on lower wages for for playing the game have made the change for that reason

How much do female rugby union player make?

Female rugby players don't gane any money they usually have a job.

Who are some famous female rugby players?

Amy Day - Scrum half

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

Do men rugby players earn more than woman rugby players?

yes. female rugby union is still only semi-professional, if that. The England Womens Rugby Union team all have other jobs as well as playing for England.

It is fair that welsh rugby players get paid and women rugby players don't?

It has to be remembered that until recently (2003) Union players were not paid at all. The female game is developing and the gate money is increasing as is the sponsorship.

Are rugby league and rugby union played with the same number of players?

No. Rugby Union = 15 players Rugby League = 13 players

Who has the most rugby players?

Australia has the most Rugby players.

What is the collective noun of rugby players?

I have seen two, whether or not they are accepted, I honestly do not know. A Ruck of Rugby Players A Scrum of Rugby Players Another might be: a maul of rugby players. But usually it's a "team" of rugby players.

How many rugby players in Ireland?

There are about 153,080 rugby players in Ireland

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