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Football(soccer) and Track and Field

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Q: What are the two most played sports in Africa?
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What are the two most popular sports in South Africa?

One of the two most populas sports in South Africa is soccer, the other is cricket.

Name the two most popular sports in the Republic of South Africa?

Football (soccer) and cricket are the two most popular sports in South Africa

What are the two most popular sports played in Guatemala?


Most played sport in Colorado?

two of the most played sports in Colorado are football and baseball

What sports do you do in Africa?

Many sports are played through out Africa. Some sports, in fact many American sports are shared in Africa.Some sports they have that we do not include cricket. Popular sports are golfing,surfing,running,rugby,hockey,boxing and swimming. These all were noot invented in the US and shared with Africa, but invented in different parts of the world, and our two continents enjoy them.All of these sports can take a huge part in Africa's culture, and enjoyed in their land as in ours. :)

What is the difference between individual and dual sports?

Individual sports are played without a team or a partner where as dual sports my be played with two or more individuals. An example of an individual sport is Golf or Singles Tennis. Both sports can, however be played on a team. Most Universities have a Golf or Tennis club (which makes them dual sports as well).

What are the top three sports played in Honduras?

One of the top three sports in Honduras is soccer. It is the country's most popular sports. The other top two sports include tennis, and baseball.

Which sports have two players to a team?

while most "sports" can be played with two (2) or fewer players on a team there are many that are purposely designed for two (2) players teamed together such as Tennis (partners), Volley Ball and Relay Racing ...

What are the most popular academy sports?

In terms of sports that are played at academies and schools, the most popular are unique to boys and girls. For boys, football and basketball are the two dominate sports in terms of popularity. Girls prefer soccer and softball by a wide margin.

What are the two most popular sports in Japan?

Baceball & soccer are the two most popluar sports in japan.

What sports do Mexicans play?

The two sports in which the most Mexicans participate are: baseball and soccer. The two most observed sports are: soccer and bull-fighting.

Has any one played two or more professional sports?

Yes, probably the most well known person to is Bo Jackson who played both football and baseball.

Which 2 sports are supposed to be most popular?

The two most popular sports are football, and soccer.

How many athletes have played two professional sports?

Click on the link below to see a list of athletes that played multiple sports.

What two sports are most popular in Italy?

The two major sports in Italy are Football (soccer), and Basketball.

What are the two most competitive sports in the world?

Football - Soccer is the most competitive sport in the world, followed by Lacrosse, which was played by the American Indian Tribes, The Huron and the The Iroquois.

What percentage of Africa was controlled by the two countries with the most territory?

The percentage of Africa that was controlled by the two countries with the most territory is 68%

What sports are played at Croke Park?

The two main sports played in Croke Park are Gaelic Football and Hurling, which are Ireland's national sports. They are played throughout the year, but most especially during the championships for the two sports during the summer months, culminating in the All-Ireland finals, which are played in September. Ladies Gaelic Football and Camogie, which is the variation of Hurling that women play, are also played there. Rounders has been played in Croke Park too. In recent years rugby and soccer were played in Croke Park, while a new stadium for those sports was being built. In the past some other sports have happened in Croke Park. Muhammad Ali fought Al "Blue" Lewis in Croke Park on the 19th of July 1972. American Football has been played in Croke Park on a number of occasions when teams from the USA came to Ireland to play. Gaelic Football players and Australian Rules Football players have played a special game which is a mix of their two sports. Hurling players and Shinty players have also played against each other in a game which is a mix of their two sports.

What is a typical Spanish sport?

One of the the most typical sports played in the Spanish speaking world is soccer. There are two sports that are popular in Spain but not so common in the rest of the world: bullfighting and jai alai.

What race is known as the most exciting two minutes in Sports?

The Kentucky Derby, held on the first Saturday in May, is known as "The most exciting two minutes in sports." It is also known as "The fastest two minutes in sports" and "The run for the roses."

Who played two professional sports?

Michael Jordan played basketball and baseball professionally.

Name all who played two sports?

barry sanders who played in the nfl and mlb

Who has played two sports at once?

Me i have played basket ball while playing football

Is baseball played in Argentina?

No the two sports mainly played in Argentina are Soccer and Basketball

What are two sports played in Puerto Rico?

Basketball and Baseball.