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The two most popular sports are football, and soccer.

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What sports were popular during the 1920's?

Baseball and Boxing were the 2 most popular sports in the US during that era.

What are some popular sports in South Korea?

Starcraft 2 is a very popular sport/game in Korea in fact it is one of Korea's most popular sports!

Sports of Canada?

The 2 most popular are Lacrosse and Ice Hockey.

What was the Most Popular Sports in World War 2?

cleaning their rifle

Which events are the most popular with spectators?

sports! 1+9=2

What are the 2 most popular sports in the uae?

Camel racing and football.

What are some popular sports in Costa Rica?

#1 Water Sports#2 Motorsports#3 Skateboarding#4 BasketballThese are the actual most popular sports in Costa Rica according to a survey

What are popular sports played in Newfoundland?

The 2 most popular sports played competitively in Newfoundland is ice hockey and kayaking. Some things popular for tourists to do are hiking, camping, biking, and skiing.

Most popular sports in world?

What are the most popular sports in UK?

1. Football 2. Hockey 3. Netball

What is China's main sports played?

Table Tennis and Basketball are the 2 most popular

What is the three most popular sports in Canada?

The top three sports in Canada are 1. hockey 2. lacrosse 3. basketball

What are some popular team sports?

Most popular team sports around the world are: Football (Soccer), Hockey ("Field"), American Football, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby. The First 2 i mentioned are the top two popular and most participated team sports in the world

What are the most popular spectator sports in the world.?

What are the three most popular sports in the world?

1. football 2. cricket 3. basketball

What are the top 3 most popular sports?

1.Soccer 2.Basketball 3.Handball

What are Canada's 2 main sports?

Lacrosse is the official national sport and hockey is the most popular one.

2 most popular sports OF Philippines?

well it cant be football becuz they cant c the ball

World no 2 popular sports?


Where is rugby on the list of most popular sports?

In North America its towards the bottom. But in Europe its more popular, I would say that its at around 2 or 3.

What is the most popular sports song?

Eye of the Tiger by SurvivororRock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

What are some of the most popular sports in London?

1 is football 2 is cricket 3 is tennis 4 is rubgy

The most popular sports event?

1. Soccer 2. Football 3. Baseball 1. Soccer 2. Football 3. Baseball

What are the three most popular sports played in Canada?

1. Hockey 2. Football3. Basket BallBut Soccer is getting more popular by the time and I think it takes place in one of the sports played in Canada.

What 2 sports are popular in NZ?

Rugby and Netball