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Soccer and Baseball

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2013-02-28 23:22:02
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Q: What are the 2 most competitive sports in the world?
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What was the basic idea behind the Olympics?

i think there are 2 basic ideas . 1.) to unite the world in one thing all the countries have in common , the love of sports . 2.) to have a competitive gathering of many of the countries to compete in sports and to see who is the best of the best .

Most popular sports in world?

Most top tiring sport in the world?

I'v herd lots of roomers about the top most tiring sports. But with what I herd the top 2 most tiring sports are Soccer and Motocross.

What are the three most popular sports in the world?

1. football 2. cricket 3. basketball

What does the CSAI-2 measure?

CSAI (Competitive State Anxiety Inventory) measure the psychological characteristics of competitors in sports.

How many sports in the world?


How did world war 2 change sports?

World War 2 changed sports by introducing massive numbers of people to new sports from around the world. This lead to increased international competition.

Which 2 sports are supposed to be most popular?

The two most popular sports are football, and soccer.

World no 2 popular sports?


What are some popular team sports?

Most popular team sports around the world are: Football (Soccer), Hockey ("Field"), American Football, Ice Hockey, Roller Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby. The First 2 i mentioned are the top two popular and most participated team sports in the world

How did the world of sports change after world war 2?

1 thing is that women played sports with shorter clothes.

What did sports men do in World War 2?

They were soldiers.

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