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Football/soccer then Basketball then cricket

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Q: What are the top three sports Kenyans watch?
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What are the top three sports played in Honduras?

One of the top three sports in Honduras is soccer. It is the country's most popular sports. The other top two sports include tennis, and baseball.

What are the top three sports events in America?


What are the top three American sports?


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One can watch three top up music videos on YouTube. There are many videos one can choose to watch to top up their phone plans. Each video has detailed instructions on how to top up.

What is the three most popular sports in Canada?

The top three sports in Canada are 1. hockey 2. lacrosse 3. basketball

What sports did Canada play in the 1930s?

The top three most popular sports were HOCKEY, BASEBALL, and BOXING.

Top 3 most popular sports in the 1920s?

In 1920, there were several competitive sports being played. The top three sports being played the most were baseball, football and basketball.

What are the top three spectator sports in the US?

lacrosse, volleyball, cross country

What are top three popular sports played in the world?

Football,soccer,and baseball

Where can one watch kids sports for free online?

One place for one to watch kids sports for free online would be at a website named Top Documentary films. One must choose the sports category once on the website.

What are ontario's top three sports?

Well hockey is first in participation and spectator, from there it differs. Soccer is big in youth sports.

What are the top three sports in America to bet on?

Football,Basketball,and any type of racing

What are the three top sports?

shut ur mouth or im gonna hit u

What are the ten most popular sports in the Massachusetts?

Baseball, football, hockey, those are the top three.

What are top three sports played in Ukraine?

soccer first, basketball second, hockey third.

What are the top three German sports?

After googling I found three favourate sports played by german. These are:- a) Soccer b) Ice Hockey C) Hand Ball They love Olympics also.....

Which are Kenya's top online discussion forums?

There are many avenues for Kenyans online. Apart from facebook, i have found to be one of the largest forum with thousands of topics every day. it seems to be a mix of kenyans in diaspora and at home

Is swimming one of the top sports?

top sports: soccer, football,...

Top 10 hightest paid sports in the world?

Sports are not really as top as they are progressing

What are the top sports medicine programs in the US?

The University of Detroit Mercy has the top sports program.

What is the top 3 sports in America?

There are a great many top sports in the United States of America. These sports include football, baseball, and swimming.

Name five countries where basketball is among the top three sports in that country?

Spain, Lithuania, USA, Serbia, Greece.

What is the top richest sports?

the top richest sports are football rugby basketball cricket golf and tennis

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The watch industry magazine Chronolytics listed the top watches in 2012 for the U.S. and Europe. The top three watches in both were Rolex, Omega, and Breitling.

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One can watch a top 12 video of the best dunks of the NBA 2012 online on sites such as NBA, YouTube, and Dime Mag. You may also be able to find them on sports channels.