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Football,soccer,and Baseball

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Q: What are top three popular sports played in the world?
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What are the most popular played sports in the world?

Soccer of course!!

What sports were played inafghanistan?

Many sports are played in afghanistan. This includes football (American soccer), rugby, and other popular sports around the world.

What are the most played sports around the world?

The most played sports around the world are football, soccer, auto racing, tennis, and cricket. Golf is also a popular game world wide. Olympic sports are also popular, like skiing, running, and skating.

What is a Chinese sport that is played around the world?

China does not have any sports that have become popular enough to be played around the world. The closest thing that China has to sports is their martial arts.

Is it true that although Americans movies are popular around the world American sports are not played outside the US?

no it is not true. American sports are being played all around the world. Canada happens to be big on sports which includes American sports.

Which sports are played world wide?

There are many sports played world wide including Running, jogging, swimming and other sports that do not require expensive or any equipment. Sports like hockey, curling, volleyball, tennis, and golf are popular in many countries in the world as well.

What are the three most popular sports in the world?

1. football 2. cricket 3. basketball

What are popular sports in the world?

One of the most popular sports in the world is football, or as it is called in America, soccer. As for the most popular sports in the United States the two highest are Basketball and Football.

What are the most popular sports world wide?

The most popular sport world-wide is soccer (futball, football). Other popular sports include: cricket and baseball.

Most popular sports in the world?

Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Football, and Rugby are the most popular sports.

What are the most popular sports played in the whole world?

Football (soccer) , Handball, Basketball, VoleyBall, Gymnastics, Rugby, ...

What are the most well known sports in the world?

There are many sports in the world that are popular/well known... Hockey is a great sport and is played all over the world and is very popular as well to all over the world. However football is also very popular and many people are very interested in it, which is where people who are a big fan of it think it is the most popular sport in the world. Actually football is not even one of the most popular sport in the world, Hockey is the most played sport in the word and is very popular and liked across all the world. Great Britain is not a big fan of Hockey however is played Marjoryly all over the rest of the world! I hope this helped!

What are the most popular sports to play in the world?

soccer is the most popular

World most popular sports?


World no 2 popular sports?


What sports were popular during World War I?

Sports during World War 1Amateur sports were played. Mostly football (soccer in the US). if you want more info about football during the war, research the 1914 Christmas truce...

What is a typical Spanish sport?

One of the the most typical sports played in the Spanish speaking world is soccer. There are two sports that are popular in Spain but not so common in the rest of the world: bullfighting and jai alai.

What are the most popular sports in the world by participation?

soccer, by far. here's a link

Which of all sports in the world is the most popular?

All over the world the most popular sport is soccer

What are the most popular motor sports in the world?

the most popular motor sport in the world is big bike

Is soccer play in ever country?

soccer is more popular then any other sports in the world and yes it is played in every country

What other sports found in other country?

There are many different sports that are played in various country's around the world. Cricket is popular in several countries. Sloop sailing is a sport played in the Bahamas. In Finland they play pesapallo.

What are the most popular televised sports in the world?


What are the most popular participatory sports in the world?


What is the least popular sports in the world?

Possibly Curling?