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There is kind of more than one answer to this question. Since the AP poll started being used as the manner in selecting a national champion (1936) the most national championships by school are as follows: 1) Notre Dame (8) 2) Oklahoma (7) 2) Alabama (7) 2) Southern Cal (7) 5) Ohio State (5) 5) Nebraska (5) 5) Miami (FL) (5) 8) Texas (3) and a host of teams with 2 nat'l championships: Pittsburgh, Army, Tennessee, Mich. State, LSU, Penn State, FSU HOWEVER, from 1936-64, and 66-67, the national champion was declared BEFORE the bowl game was ever played, so the NCAA record book only lists the national champions since 1965 and excludes 66 and 67 from consideration of schools with national championships. Since 1965 (excluding 66 and 67) schools with most championships: 1) USC (5) 1) Alabama (5) 1) Miami (FL) (5) 1) Nebraska (5) 5) Oklahoma (3) 5) Notre Dame (3) 7) FSU (2) 7) Penn State (2) 7) Ohio State (2) NOTE: When national championship is split, both teams are credited with one national championship. UCLA UCLA won its one and only poll championship, a split decision with Ohio State, in 1954. UCLA was voted poll champion by UPI. Ohio State took home AP honors. Ohio State defeated Southern Cal in the 1-1-55 Rose Bowl, 20 to 7. UCLA did not play in a bowl.

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Q: What are the top ten schools with the most football championships?
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USC has won the most team national championships, and UCLA has won the most combined.Who are the next ten schools? this is not including football the NCAA dose not award national championships in football so its hard to say and you will pobabibly get a different answer depending on who you ask

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60- most are from Michigan, OSU, Penn St. and Minnesota

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How many big ten championships has Michigan football won?

To date, Michigan has won 42 Big Ten titles

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They have won two, in 1945 and 1967.

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you've just been pranked by the prank patrol!

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Ten championships of what? =\ --Ciarro

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The southeastern conference

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As of now, 12....and 7 Heisman Trophy winners The university claims only eleven championships, though they have been selected as champion by various organizations in an additional ten seasons.

Who has most national championships of southeastern conference teams in last ten years?

LSU and Florida have 2 apiece.

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