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Penn State

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Q: Which Big Ten team has the most national championships in all sports?
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How many national championships does UCLA have in all sports?

110 team championships.

How many national championships has UVA won in all?

UVA has won a total of 16 national championships in team sports. 6 of them were in soccer.

What team in sports have won the most championships in basketball?


What is the most straight championships by a professional sports team?

the soccerroos

What team has the most championships?

Alabama has the most championships post 1936, but Princeton claimed the most national championships prior to 1936

Which school has the most team national championships in college?

UCLA - 100 Championships

WHICH TEAM holds the record for most titles in all sports?

The pro sports team that has won the most championships are the Boston Celtics. They won eight consecutive championships from 1959 to 1966.

How many NCAA championships does Texas A and M have in all sports?

Texas A&M has 17 team National Championships while also winning 62 individual National Championships for a combined total of 79. A&M has also won a total of 159 team conference and tournament championships.

What is the most popular sports team nickname?

Personally or in my opinion, I believe that the crimson tide, University of Alabama,is the most popular nickname considering that they have the most BCS National Championships and that they are the reigning bcs national champions for 2009.

What university has won the most team championships including all sports?


How many team national championships does Alabama have?

Alabama's Basketball team has 0 National Championships

Is Iowa wrestling the most championships for one team in ncaa?

They have won 21 national wrestling championships