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A Formula One race car can max out at 350 mph - while the same for a NASCAR race car in the heat of a straightaway! Nascar race cars have been known to partner up with the American Police Association for quick hot pursuits - easily taking out the great Camaro, Ferrarri, and Lamborghini police cars of Europe - that only top out at 289 mph - which means the same models as themselves would be a hard catch. But Formula 1 cars are quicker, leaner, and a helluva lot meaner when doing a deadly pit manuever at almost 300 mph! This means - the Nascar Race car is amongst the fastest cars in the world - putting beauties like the Mustang and Cobra to shame in the U.S., or the New York State Police's pride and joy - the Charger RC Daytona that can go 160 mph - but can't catch its man every time. This includes the slow now Crown Vics, Caprices, Lincoln Town Cars, Jettas of England, and finally the slowest Police cars ever recorded - the Probes/Grand Ams of Evans, New York. In other words, any of these cars could catch you with teamwork - but the Nascar would destroy you in a straightaway race, and hot pursuit that would embarass your fancy million dollar car.

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Q: What are the top speeds of all the different race cars?
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