What are the top paid professional sports?

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Baseball, football and Basketball

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Q: What are the top paid professional sports?
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Related questions

What is a paid sports person called?

A paid athlete is consider a professional athlete.

Top 10 hightest paid sports in the world?

Sports are not really as top as they are progressing

Do professional sports figures receive paychecks?

Yes, they do get paid.

Who is the highest paid player in all professional sports?

Tiger Woods

How much do professional sports players get paid per year?

Well it depends what sport you are talking about. Most professional sports players get paid between 1million and 2millions dollars per year.

Do professional athletes get paid weekly?

some probably do put popular sports such as football get paid yearly

What are the top problems in professional sports?

in the NHL the top problem is dirty hit's

What sports do players get paid to play in?

In most Professional sports like rugby, football, basketball, tennis the players get paid And in some cases A LOT!

Who is the top paid sports player?

The top payed sports player is a woman tennis player that is Maria Sharapova

How much does a sports officials get paid?

It depends what level (professional, travel, recreational).

How do you define a professional sports team?

A professional sports team is a sports team functioning as a commercial enterprise in which players are paid to play for the entertainment of a paying audience. The offices of professional sports teams are usually in their home arenas or stadiums or in a separate building.

Who are the top paid men and women in sports?

The top paid man is Tiger Woods, and the top paid woman is Lorena Ochoa. Golf is a sport that gives out the most money.

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