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Muscular Endurance

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2012-03-22 10:14:42
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Q: What are the top 8 fitness components for jogging?
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8 components of physical fitness?

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How many fitness components and parameters?


What are the 8 components of physical fitness?


What are the 8 components of physical Fitness and examples of each physical fitness?

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What are the 8 components of Physical Fitness according to the Filipinos?


What fitness components are required for ballet?

There are many fitness components required for ballet. There are 11 main components of fitness and ballet uses about 8 of them they are: Coordination, Muscular Endurance, Aerobic Capacity (Cardiovascular Capacity), Speed, Flexibility, Balance, Agility and Power. There maybe some others but these are the only ones I can think off the top of my head. I hope this helps!

What are the 8 components of fetness and it definitions?

some of the fitness compents areStrengthAgilitySupplenessstamina

Is the National Physical Fitness Award given to 13 year old boys who run the mile in 8 minutes and 06 seconds and girls who run the mile in 10 minutes and 23 seconds?

That is only one componet of the Presidential Fitness Test. There are 5 components. A child must pass all components in the top 85% range to get a Presidential Fitness Award. If they pass all components in the 65% range or better they get a National Award.

What are the 10 fitness components?

The ten fitness components are: 1. Vigor 6. Agility 2. Flexibility 7. Balance 3. Strength 8. Coordination 4. Endurance 9. Power 5. Speed 10. Body Composition

What are the 8 skill related components of fitness?

balance, reaction time, speed, power. stimia, coordination, agiciticy, accuracy

How many calories does jogging reduce for 55 kg?


What are the 8 components of physical components?


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