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they need to be good at the sport and they need to practice a lot.

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Q: What are the things that athletes need to play a sport?
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How much time do athletes get off?

That depends on what sport they play.

What are the training characteristics of young athletes?

The training characteristics of young athletes is a good attitude. And to play the sport good.

Any pro athletes pro at two professional sports?

Whatever sport you can name that Americans play, there is a good chance the Russians also play that sport.

Can high school athletes be paid to play their sport in a professional commercial?

i think they can get paid.

What is target market for powerade sports drink?

active adults and children who play sport :)

What do you call people who play a sport?

People who play a sport are called 'athletes'.

Should athletes play sport even thought they pick on people?

yes...who cares if they pick on people

In The Game?

When you begin to take sports management classes, it is important to remember that you will be dealing with people who are athletes and who want to play their sport as soon as possible. You need to be aware of the fact that if they are injured, athletes will want to get back in their game and they may not want to do some of the exercises you request of them.

What skills do athletes need to be able to do for the sport curling?

This depends on the sport you want to play during the summer or winter Olympics. The most common skills needed for any sport are endurance, drive, will to win, and the most important ones of all, team work and support.

Why should athletes be banned from there sport if they get caught doing drugs?

It could improve the way they play without real talent

You will need this when playing a certain sport?

Figure out what sport your going to play.

Do you need to play sports?

No. A person doesn't need to play any sport, if he or she chooses.