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Football is the only one i can think of

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Q: What are the sports played in America but not played in Mexico?
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Famous sports played in Mexico?

what are sports that Mexico invented

What are the sports played in guadalajara Mexico?


What are the sports most played in Mexico?


What are popular sports played in Mexico?

Soccer and Football

What sports do people play in New Mexico?

the same ones the played in old mexico.

The most widley played sport in America?

The sports played the most in America are football, basketball and baseball. Other popular sports are soccer, hockey, and tennis.

What sports were played in America during ww1?

womens baseball

Is American football played only in America?

Yes No it is played all over the world World Sports Scouting

List in order the sports people play?

It all depeneds on were you live. like in china its gymnastics in America its basketball and in Mexico and places like Mexico its soccer

What sports are played in south america?

basketball, golf, volleyball, and massively soccer.

What sports were played in ancient America?

Well in north America near Canada the Iroquois Indians played a game much like lacrosse and invented lacrosse

Has the emphasis on school sports for girls brought womens sports to a higher standard in America?

yes and has made more women across America played sports Yes it has and in many schools womens sports are just as emphazized if not more than the boys sports like mine for example.