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you start with just simple Ballet flats, usually made from canvas.

can be split soled.

then you progress to demi pointe's which help to build up ankle support and get you used to the feeling of boxes

and then pointe's.

very hard! :)

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Q: What are the shoes you need to wear in ballet?
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What shoes do you wear to ballet?

If you do tap, tap shoes. If you do ballet, ballet flats.

What shoes do ballet dancers wear?

Ballet dancers wear Ballet Shoes which are mainly soft pink and sometimes have a ribbon to secure them

Do you need specifc shoes for ballet?

mainly just pink ballet shoes but my moms school had her wear white but for guys it black hope i helped

Do ballet shoes wear out?


What shoes do you need for ballet?

Soft, leather ballet shoes

What do you wear when you perform ballet?

Generally it is pink ballet tights with ballet shoes or pointe shoes, then a leotard/ballet dress or tutu.

What outfit does a ballerina wear?

In class/lessons you would most likely wear a leotard with ballet-pink stockings and ballet slippers or pointe shoes. If you were performing you would wear a tutu with stockings and Pointe shoes. You don't always wear pointe shoes, sometimes you wear ballet shoes/slippers.

What kind of shoes do male ballerinas wear?

eithr black or white ballet shoes. unless they are a specific part and have to get a different color of ballet shoes.

What do male ballet dancers wear?

while there in school they will traditionally wear black pants and white shirt and ballet shoes

What uniforms are there for dance?

it depends what style of dance you do, i do ballet, tap and street. for ballet i wear a leotard tights and ballet shoes for tap i wear a cat suit with tap shoes and for street i wear like baggy traksuit bottoms and vest top with trainers

Why do gymnasts wear ballet shoes?

so that there feet wont hurt .

What shoes does Ryan Reynolds wear in the green lantern?

Ballet slippers

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