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there are so many

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Q: What are the rules when competing in gymnastics?
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Is level4 competing?

in gymnastics

What are girls competing for artisic gymnastics from Russia in the beijin golympic?

Answer:the girls are competing for artisic gymnastics because,it is the best gymnastice ever.

What event is Ashleigh Brennan competing in 2012?


What year did Nadia Comaneci start competing in gymnastics?


Why did Shawn Johnson start competing?

Shawn Johnson started competing because she love gymnastics so much

What are the rules for gymnastics?

there are no official 'rules' for gymnastics just different levels, skills and ways of judging skills.

How many countries in gymnastics are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

more then 50

Have the rules of gymnastics changed overtime?

Yes, the rules of gymnastics change frequently, just like any other politics.

What age should you start competing gymnastics at?

You should start competing at the age of 8,9,10 or 11 because when you are a child you are more flexible.

Safety rules in rhythmic gymnastics?

I am a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and there aren't any rules really. but there are different levels and your elements need to be a certain difficult. also, when competing you can't get out of the floor. you can get many deductions for things like: getting out of the floor, switching equipment, ending without the music, and not following the moves on your form. Hope this helps!

What rules are the same for swimming and gymnastics?

i do not kown

How many new zealanders are competing in rhythmic gymnastics?

The have not entered an athlete in any Gymnastic event

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