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The have not entered an athlete in any Gymnastic event

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Q: How many new zealanders are competing in rhythmic gymnastics?
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How many men and women teams complete in rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics?

Men don't compete in the Olympics for rhythmic gymnastics

What are the rules when competing in gymnastics?

there are so many

How many olympic gymnastic sports are there?

Four: men's artistic gymnastics, women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics.

How many competitors for the 2012 olympic rhythmic gymnastics?


Is rhythmic gymnastics good?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the BEST sport for girls! Girls learn ballet, dance, flexibility, endurance and many other important skills.

Instrument used in gymnastics?

there are many things used in gymnastics such as ribbons, balls, hula hoops, batons, etc. for rhythmic gymnastics.

Safety rules in rhythmic gymnastics?

I am a competitor in rhythmic gymnastics and there aren't any rules really. but there are different levels and your elements need to be a certain difficult. also, when competing you can't get out of the floor. you can get many deductions for things like: getting out of the floor, switching equipment, ending without the music, and not following the moves on your form. Hope this helps!

How many countries in gymnastics are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

more then 50

How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

What are the different programs of gymnastics?

there are many different types of gymnastic programs # Womens artistic gymnastics # Mens artistic gymnastics # Rhythmic gymnastics # sports acrobatics # sport aerobics # trampoline sports # generl gymnastics and sometimes cheerleading is considered a gymnastics sport

How many rhythmic gymnastic gold medals in Olympics?

There are 2 gold medals for rhythmic gymnastics. One is for individual all-around and one for team all-around.

What are the terminology of gymnastics?

There are many different terminologies in gymnastics. Depending on the club you practice at and the event you are on. There are also two kinds of gymnastics: Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics.For example, the place i go calls a backhandspring, a flipflop and walkovers, handstand bridges

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