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There are many different rules for playing football as a kid. While some of them are the same as in the National Football League, most are revised for younger players.

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Q: What are the rules for kids football games?
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What games do Australians play?

Australian rules football

What games did victorins play?

Victorians played games like marbles and football although the rules are not the same as modern day football.

What was football developed from?

All the modern football games in the world would have originated from various games played in the middle ages, with balls of different shape. Out of these have come sports like Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football, American Football and others. Many of these games share similar rules and have obvious similarities.

Which football teams play home games in mid-western us cities?

i no the Chicago bears play home games .football rules!!

What football games for kids are available online?

Kids love to play all sorts of sports games. There are sports video games that are quite popular too! One online football game that kids enjoy is called FlagBall. It is available as an app.

How are the rules different in rugby and football?

Basically they are 2 very different games

Why does football have rules?

Rules make up the game of football.

Did the saints lose any games in the 1966 season of Australian rules football?


How long are Aussie rules football games?

80 minutes 20 for four quarters

Where can i find football games for kids?

If you are looking for online football games for kids to play, you can find them at websites such as NFLrush or Candystand. If you are looking to get them into an actual league, you can visit your local newspaper or ask around at their school.

Can kids play football games in the streets?

yes of course what kind of question is that?

What was the purpose when soccer originated?

The original purpose of 'Soccer' or 'Association Football' was to standardise football games played in the UK. Soccer is one of a family of football games which evolved from medieval foot ball games played in Europe. The rules of these games varied from one place to another. The fledgling Football Association set up in London England in 1863 was one of a number of groups who attempted to standardise these varying rules. Ultimately the FA failed partly due to some of the founder football clubs not agreeing on the rules and leaving the FA. One of these clubs, Blackheath FC, went on to help form the Rugby Football Union in 1871. Around the same time, in the second half of the 19th Centaury, other forms of football including American Football and Australian Rules football were evolving from the same early football games taken to America and Australia by emigrants.

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